Ideas for teaching english


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Ideas for teaching english

  1. 1. İdeas for teaching english Etwinning teachers room Esen Sandıraz/Turkey
  2. 2.  More than fifteen years teaching in traditional way were more than enough to me and to my students. I wanted to teach my students in a different way,I wanted to catch a new way of teaching ,I wanted to have interested and motivated pupils, and also funny classes and lessons.But I had no idea how to do it..Why eTwinning ?
  3. 3.  Then I joined in etwinning. ;I was lucky because in a short time I had two lovely partners and the communication between us has worked very well from the very beginning.. We became friends and tried to use ICT in our projects.but I had a problem..There were no teachers rooms and no groups,national workshops and enough learning events.... Whenever I had difficulties,I had nobody to ask.. So,I tried to learn it by myself.. But it was really hard for me..No experienced friends..
  4. 4.  Two years ago,eTwinning renewed itself and we could create groups and rooms to share our interests and our experiences with our friends from all over the Europa.So,I decided to create a room where everybody could easily find links about teaching english .Sharing experiences..
  5. 5. I ‘ve had the opportunity:To find project partners.To motivate my students.To meet new colleagues from other countriesTo become a better teacherTo learn how to use ICT in my classroomTo catch a new way of teachingTo improve my personal developmentTo improve my professional developmentTo exchange ideas.To share my country’s cultureWhat did I have in etwinning?
  6. 6. It has been a year..and here arethe feelings of some members..
  7. 7.  And congratulations for THE teaching room! So often I wonder how you manage to get all those links. It is amazing that someone puts that much time and effort in a project just to let other people benefit from it. Thank you very much. AxelOne of the most active membersaxel Reisdorf’s feelings:
  8. 8. I would like to congratulate the 1st year of this excellent room.You are a very creatice and helpful teacher and an etwinner.I have learned lots of ideas for teaching english from this room.This is the best way to share ideas.Thank you! EmineI check the room everyday because the room help me for some problems and ı learned new things via the room thanks and happy birthday again :)SevalTwo great ambassadors fromTurkey:Seval Yılmaz and EmineÇağ
  9. 9.  It is a useful room for all! Thanks dear Esen and colleagues for sharing a lot of ideas,creative tools! Friendly, TeodoraTeodora Popescu from Romania
  10. 10.  I am really glad to have the opportunity to learn,to teach and to share..thank you etwinning..thank you my dear friends.. Hope to see you EsenThank you