How to prepare and play educational


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How to prepare and play educational

  1. 1. How to prepare and play educational Bingo any level Skills:writing,reading,speaking ,listening Group work Esen SANDIRAZ English Teacher
  2. 2. The basic idea:• The basic idea is to play the game using specially prepared bingo cards containing items related to the subject. For example, in a chemistry class you might use the names of elements, compounds or chemical... In a math class, you might use mathematical problems. In a geography class, you might use the names of countries, states, provinces, cities, rivers or mountains. And in a foreign language class, you could play bingo using words of English,French, German or Spanish vocabulary that students are learning.
  3. 3. How to use BİNGO in a e-twinning projectsYou could decide a topic with your etwinning project partner teacher,prepare bingo cards with your students and send them to each other via twinspace or air post..Maybe you can also send some small presents to the winners .Then you can take pictures and videos while you are playing the game and share with each other again.
  4. 4. Writing skill• *Instead of making the cards yourself,have your students make them.
  5. 5. One of student’s work
  6. 6. The beauty of Bingo:• The beauty of bingo is that you can adapt the game to almost any subject or age range of students. Additionally, you can play the game in a variety of different ways: you could play a "normal" game with the teacher as caller, you could have the teacher call out "clues" instead of the items on the cards, you could ask students to explain the items as they check them off from their bingo cards, or you could even have class discussions during the game after each item is called.
  7. 7. Which theme?• Decide on the educational theme for the Bingo game. Nearly any educational topic works. You can focus on letter, number and word recognition for younger kids. For older kids, use Bingo to practice vocabulary words, tenses,history events or math facts.
  8. 8. Writing..• Develop your list of words or numbers that will go in the squares. Youll want the same set for each Bingo game board. Print a copy of the list and cut the words apart. This set of words is used during the game play.
  9. 9. Speaking and reading and listening skills:• Pass out the bingo cards to the students.draw one word at a time and call out the word.(listening).the students cover the words as they are announced.
  10. 10. Prepare a list of sentences withyour students (you want to review)
  11. 11. Devide the class into groups.
  12. 12. An example bingo card printed by computer
  13. 13. One group writes 90 words on a small piece of paper
  14. 14. Another group of students prepare 40 bingo cards
  15. 15. A group of students try to find the same words of 90 sentences.
  16. 16. A pair of students give numbers to each word.
  17. 17. students write 3 sentences on each card.
  18. 18. Bingo cards are ready..
  19. 19. Time to play bingo
  20. 20. A student calls the words
  21. 21. Students listen and try to find the words..
  22. 22. Reading the words (each time an other student)..
  23. 23. Listening the word and marking on that word...
  24. 24. Playing bingo is Exiting and fun
  25. 25. results• *It’s a fun game that gets students speaking,listening ,reading and writing right away.It can also be an activity with your etwinning project partner school students.You can prepare a bingo activity and take photos,videos while playing and preparing the cards and share with each other.• *While it may seem time -consuming to make the cards ,it can be seen as a writing activity.• *It is great as a warm up activity and can have many variations,like vocabulary,irregular verbs,tenses,etc..
  26. 26. Prizes for motivating..• Make this game interesting by giving small prizes to the winners.
  27. 27. Downloading the cards:• İf you want to download bingo cards:•• Or• İf you want to create your own cards:•
  28. 28. Bingoo• Thank you for watching• Esen Sandıraz English Teacher