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A trip to local nursing home


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we went outside to visit older people..

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A trip to local nursing home

  1. 1. A Trip To Local Nursing Home (ITEC Project Activity)
  2. 2. Hatay Nursing Home
  3. 3. AIMS * Giving students an opportunity to show their appreciation and love for their grandparents and older people in their lives. *Give grandparents and older people an opportunity to show their love and caring for the youth and their grandchildren. *Honor older adults and give them validation in their role of grandparent (or "grandfriend" or mentor). Grandparents need to know that they are making a difference in the lives of younger generations. *Giving older adults a chance to share some of their life experiences with their own grandchildren and other children.
  4. 4. Students prepared some posters.
  5. 5. European Year
  6. 6. Students researched using theinternet
  7. 7. They worked in pairs
  8. 8. Some of them baked cakes andcookies with their parents.
  9. 9. Time to go..
  10. 10. Getting in the bus
  11. 11. On the way to nursing home
  12. 12. Director of the nursing home gavesome information
  13. 13. Time to meet each other
  14. 14. Flowers for the director
  15. 15. asking questions in groups..
  16. 16. Taking photos..
  17. 17. Having fun..
  18. 18. Having brunch alltogether..
  19. 19. Time to say goodbye
  20. 20. One of the students’ feelings: My name is Göktuğ Yiğit .I’m a student at Amerikan Kültür Lisesi I want to tell something about the trip to our local nursing home.We went there yesterday and we had a great time .. firstly;we propared some posters and some of us baked cakes and cookies for them before we go. When we arrived there,they were glad to see us.We tried to sing Turkish and English songs and we had brunch all together. They told us stories and jokes. -This was the first time for me.But I liked. -It was really a great experience for us.
  21. 21. Results: The idea bringing the young and the old together to learn from and about each other was really great.The result was fantastic. I think;By sharing skills and experiences, we could increase understanding and respect between younger and older generations. I had the chance to improve the students’ respect for the others. I integrated videos in curriculum.I could teach them ‘used to’ structure and’’ to be in the past’’ easily and my students learnt with pleasure.Using videos , inviting older people and going outside made my lessons more active and more interesting..
  22. 22. It was really a great experience formy students The project activity ‘ll also be advertised through: various articles in the school magazine and website;It ‘ll also be shared with public via slideshare,facebook ıtec group,Promethan planet,class blog,and class wikispaces.