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IPAN Glass Iskander Smit


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On December 3, 2013 I presented on the IPAN event our learnings from 4 months developing with Glass, together with Glassexplorer and 'partner in crime' Daphne Channa Horn.

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IPAN Glass Iskander Smit

  1. 1. Experimenting a wearable future Google Glass and it’s context IPAN, December 3, 2013
  2. 2. - connecting the dots
  3. 3. Greenwheels digital platform as online ecosystem
  4. 4.
  5. 5. People Services Things
  6. 6. Connecting create new experiences
  7. 7. Data intelligence is the new online value pagerank pagerank network+effect network effect conversa0ons conversations big+data intelligence
  8. 8.
  9. 9. From search to relevant agent Google Now
  10. 10. 3 rules for impulsed shaped services
  11. 11. Wearable devices are boiling down the implused shaped services
  12. 12. Making systems based on situations Driftwood presentation Tom Armitage
  13. 13. Design for Glass Learnings
  14. 14. Design for Glass Don’t get in the way Keep it relevant Avoid the unexpected Build for people
  15. 15. google… take a picture record a video get directions to… send a message to… pinned app make a call to… hang out with… now <menu> <notification> past two days OK Glass start tap = more tap = share/functions
  16. 16. Input google… take a picture record a video get directions to… Live cards send a message to… pinned app make a call to… hang out with… now <menu> Static cards <notification> past two days OK Glass start tap = more tap = share/functions Immersion Menus
  17. 17. The principle Device Cards Mirror API Subscribe Triggers Service via Glassware
  18. 18.
  19. 19. 3 clients, 3 design cases Enhance an existing service with contextual smartness Connect the data from the cloud to the moment to create a new value from their knowledge. With EYE we enhance the physical space.
  20. 20. Technical learnings/challenges (before GDK) §  2 types of apps: cloud apps and native apps §  Cloud apps §  work via REST API (Mirror API) interface (all languages possible) §  have no access to sensors except location §  Native apps §  are in essence Android apps (APKs, Java) §  SDK (GDK) released in November §  Learning by doing, but without access Glass no validation possible §  Github offer apps as examples §  Subscription model also in engineering: example menus §  Still poor documentation, reverse engineering, no testing
  21. 21. Greenwheels service: sesame open Open and close with Glass
  22. 22. Step 1: connect accounts
  23. 23. Step 2: make a reservation
  24. 24. Step 3 & 4: get a reminder and navigate to car 15 min before reservation
  25. 25. step 5: standing next to the car: open via voice
  26. 26. Connected the mirror API to Greenwheels back-end Keep the flow simple and focused Think timely and context-full
  27. 27. and the power of the data enhance the real world
  28. 28. Think beyond the augmented service where true value is added with Glass design the triggers
  29. 29. EYE; a new way of storytelling
  30. 30. Enhancing the physical experience
  31. 31. Principle: find the stories in the space
  32. 32. Using head movements to control stories Flow Welkom bij EYE! "Welkom bij EYE. Als u naar links kijkt ziet u een aantal vitrines met bijzondere objecten uit de filmgeschiedenis. Meer weten?" Kies uit filmpje/vitrine Filmpje over onderwerp begint Filmpje gaat verder (volgende fragment) Filmpje uit beeld/ gepauzeerd Uitleg over wat er gebeurt Filmpje gaat verder (volgende fragment) Filmpje is afgelopen Filmpje is afgelopen Wil je meer weten? Wil je meer weten? "Kijk maar even naar het object of je dat kunt vinden" App sluiten Volgende filmpje Hangout begint met beheerder Fragment over de details van het object Hoofdbewegingen Hoofd knikken: Ja (Akkoord) Hoofd schudden: Nee (Niet akkoord) Hoofd naar zijkant: Volgende fragment Kijk naar boven: Fragment start/ gaat verder Kijk naar beneden: Fragment pauzeert/ gaat uit beeld Beweeg hoofd naar voren: Fragment over de details Beweeg hoofd naar achteren: Fragment over context Fragment over de context van het object
  33. 33. Glass inspires new ways of interacting, using head gestures and in real presence Storytelling is a powerful guideline
  34. 34. Overall learnings §  There are no apps, you create relations with apps. See it as subcriptions §  You always start with the journey of the Glass-user to look for moments of nearby interactions with the service §  Limit the interactions, make no long trees §  More than ever: don’t make me think! §  Use existing knowledge from data and profiles §  Context rules: obey the moment §  Make it fun to use by creating magic
  35. 35. So: Meaning of Glass Signpost for context driven wearable tech
  36. 36. Glass forces to think in context and timely and usage-driven interactions.
  37. 37. Google has the power to shape this relevancy driven world, as they did with search.
  38. 38. Other wearables will walk the same road. So use these findings to model your product/service & marketing.
  39. 39. 2006: video 2000: advertising 2004: mail 1998: web 2006: office 2008: mobile 2011: wallet 2005: maps 2005: analytics Google’s spinning the world… 2011: people (plus) 2012: life (now) 2013: things
  40. 40. Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable Raymond Loewy (1893-1986)
  41. 41. Thanks! Iskander Smit, @iskandr, Daphne Channa Horn, @ikbendaf,