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Intro Internet of Things annual summit


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Short presentation as intro during the panel I attended on the Annual Internet of Things Europe 2011.

Topic of the panel was on the Internet of Things and living a smart life.

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Intro Internet of Things annual summit

  1. 1. IoT for smart living 3rd Annual Internet of Things Europe Iskander Smit @iskandr
  2. 2. making (online) ecosystems script the service and the touchpoints will follow use big data intelligence to make adaptive services create play to achieve persuasive experiences
  3. 3. Choices in context define experience your personal experience service product business data context user profile play enhanced
  4. 4. Internet of Things is all about smart objects
  5. 5. object service ecosystems will be the default configuration
  6. 6. survey performed May 2011 by Council, Latitude, Machina Research, connected world privacy mobility homesense personal efficiency insights comfort convenience pleasure save money better world health society comptability society supply sensors smart big brother non pc
  7. 7. potential problems of IoT privacy and privacy
  8. 8. benefits of IoT efficiency, insights & comfort
  9. 9. working with privacy as design material users will expect and demand for insights  designing for transparency & control
  10. 10. enabling to live more smart by focusing op efficiency and comfort factor, providing insights and control.