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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Some hints about howto use the TwinSpace
  2. 2. Check your mail box!
  3. 3. Click on Project Activities
  4. 4. Click on My Sticker Album
  5. 5. Check forum and reply
  6. 6. Click on Instructions for Pek#3 recordings
  7. 7. Read carefully!!!!!!
  8. 8. Click on the link
  9. 9. Fill in one of the stickers
  10. 10. Go back to the TwinSpace
  11. 11. Click on PUPILS
  12. 12. Check the forum and reply
  13. 13. Can you think of any gamesi.e. word games, song games etc.that you could create foryou and your partners?Think about it and let me know :)