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Killer Ways To Present


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another unfinished one, but showing the concept

Published in: Business, Design

Killer Ways To Present

  1. 10 ways to make a killer presentation
  2. TRASH the old ways please
  3. low res image appearance template bullet points words and paragraph unrelated images bad quality images unrelated image
  4. style & message active, direct sales push ONE way communications long & complicated message no visual excitement
  5. so what’s the new weapon?
  6. it’s exactly what we are selling pure attitude
  7. remember we are selling a strategy to client DONT how could we have strategy to sell to client
  8. introducing E213 principle
  9. exclusive
  10. entertain
  11. inform
  12. innovate
  13. interact
  14. it’s about style
  15. it’s about BIG PICTURE
  16. old ways the microsite voting contest post event get response we count we do it again & again again again again
  17. information