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Social Media: Expanding Horizons for Health Professions Education


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Presented at the COHRED Global Forum on Research Innovation and Health 2015 New Leaders for Health Pre-forum meeting (23 Aug) and at forum proper under Capacity-building track (27 Aug).

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Social Media: Expanding Horizons for Health Professions Education

  1. 1. Social Media: Expanding Horizons for Health Professions Education Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, MSc Chief, Medical Informatics Unit University of the Philippines Global Forum 2015, Manila
  2. 2. Make learning visible Create a personal learning network Address concerns
  3. 3. Make learning visible Address concerns Create a personal learning network
  4. 4. From Slideshare deck of Darren Kuropatwa making-student-thinking-visible-v2
  5. 5. Heather Wolpert-GawronProject-based Learning project-based-learning-heather-wolpert-gawron PBL is the act of learning through identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution. Kids show what they learn as they journey through the unit, not just at the end. “ Lego by dziegener,
  6. 6. Directed question based on facts Open-ended question based on concepts or ideas Driving question 3 stacked river stones by unseenob, require research, investigation and reflection call on a student’s previous knowledge encourage multiple approaches to problem solving
  7. 7. Question mark by 7rains, How can health informations systems be sustainable in developing countries? What problems exist for health information systems in developing countries? What are health information systems? DIRECTED question OPEN-ENDED question DRIVING question Week 4: Health Information Systems in Developing Countries
  8. 8. Watch video Driving question Read List of resources on UVLe Submit assignment Upload to UVLe Blog Tweet Post Reporting in class Learning Sequence HI 201: Health Informatics
  9. 9. New Competences for Learning John Sandars, Education for Primary Care 2009;20:340–2 Enquiry Production Participation Digital literacy Person:question by cobrasoft,
  10. 10. Week 9: Personal Health Records Enquiry Choose an online PHR service or app Production Create a scoring system. Participation Sign up for an online PHR service or try an app Digital literacy Write a blog post. Examine privacy & confidentiality agreement. What features are considered critical or most useful by users of personal health records? Assignment: Sign up for a free trial of an online PHR service or try using a mobile PHR app. Create a scoring system to evaluate usefulness of personal health records and publish on your blog.
  11. 11. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Updown arrows by yirsh, Remembering bullet pointing, highlighting, bookmarking, social networking, social bookmarking, favoriting/local bookmarking, searching, googling Understanding advanced searches, boolean searches, blog journaling, twittering, categorizing, commenting, annotating, subscribing Applying running, loading, playing, operating, hacking, uploading, sharing, editing Analyzing mashing, linking, tagging, validating, reverse- engineering, cracking Evaluating (blog/vlog) commenting, reviewing, posting, moderating, collaborating, networking, refactoring, (alpha & beta) testing Creating programming, filming, animating, blogging, video blogging, mixing, remixing, wiki-ing, publishing, videocasting, podcasting, directing/producing
  12. 12. I blog by alamodestuff, Positive digital footprints Communicating with digital tools Transparency for parents & family New ways of thinking about Web tools Effective digital citizenship 5 Reasons Why Our Students are Writing Blogs and Creating ePortfolios by Jenny Luca students-are-writing-blogs-and-creating-eportfolios/ ePortfolio
  13. 13. Ideal framework of an interconnected digital identity for a physician Gill BC, Zampini AM, Mehta NB. Urology 85(6);2015
  14. 14. Make learning visible Address concerns Create a personal learning network
  15. 15. Network Spheres by gerard70, Connectivism Knowledge is distributed across a network of connections ... learning is the ability to construct and traverse those networks. Stephen Downes (2007)
  16. 16. The instructor is a network facilitator. Deirdre Bonnycastle, Medical Education Blog (2007) Connectivism
  17. 17. Learning on demand is becoming a type of lifestyle in modern society. McLoughlin C & Lee MJW (2007) Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications
  18. 18. Self-regulated learning Zimmerman BJ (2000), Self-regulation: Theory, research and applications. Student’s ability to independently and proactively engage in self-motivating and behavioral processes that increase goal attainment
  19. 19. Framework for social media to support Self-regulated learning Dabbagh N & Kitsantas A. Internet and Higher Education 2011 Phase 1 Forethought Level 1 Personal Information Management Use blogs and wikis to create a PLE Phase 2 Performance Level 2 Social interaction & collaboration Engage in basic sharing & collaborative activities Phase 3 Self-reflection Level 3 Information aggregation & management Synthesize and aggregate information to reflect on overall learning experience
  20. 20. #HI201Course hashtag #MSHI Graduate program hashtag link to blog
  21. 21. Tagging the teacher
  22. 22. Building a Community of Inquiry on Twitter #MSHI
  23. 23. Building a Community of Inquiry on Facebook UP MSHI closed group
  24. 24. PMIS public group Building a Community of Inquiry on Facebook
  25. 25. Make learning visible Address concerns Create a personal learning network
  26. 26. Suggested Elements of Social Media Policies Jeff Cain, Am J Health-Syst Pharm 2011;68:1036-40. Reputation of organization Define who is permitted to speak on behalf of the organization Privacy Should not reveal private information about patients Productivity Personal use is permissible only during non-work hours General State that organizational policies are applicable to social media communications Playbricks 3 by Paul Preacher,
  27. 27. Data Privacy Act of 2012 The unauthorized processing of personal sensitive information shall be penalized by imprisonment ranging from 3 y to 6 y and a fine of not less than P500,000 but not more than P4,000,000 (maximum penalty if at least 100 persons harmed)
  28. 28. Make learning visible Create a personal learning network Address concerns
  29. 29. Social Media: Expanding Horizons for Health Professions Education Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, MSc @endocrine_witch Global Forum 2015, Manila