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PGH-UP College of Medicine Social Media Policy DRAFT


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This is a short presentation of the main sections of the social media policy draft. This is for discussion purposes only. Please do not reproduce, quote or use in any other way. Email for comments.

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PGH-UP College of Medicine Social Media Policy DRAFT

  1. 1. Policy was planned for Fast tracked because of an incident EXAMINE YOUR SCHOOL CULTURE Dean created ad hoc committee (includes 2 students, 1 ethics expert,1 lawyer, 1 employee) ORGANIZE A TEAM Existing social media policies & guidelines reviewed by committee RESEARCH PHASE A lawyer on the committee commented Presented again at DMT ATTORNEY & SCHOOL ADMIN TO SEE DRAFT All committee members commented Presented at DMT DRAFT DOCUMENT & INCORPORATE FEEDBACK Presentation at College Council meeting Medical Student Council to solicit feedback Employees to comment INTRODUCTION TO SCHOOL COMMUNITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 How to create a social media policy 7 REVIEW periodically How to create social media guidelines for your school by (produced in collaboration with Facebook)
  2. 2. MAINTAINING PROFESSIONALISM ONLINE Defines conduct worthy of CM & PGH EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Using social media for health promotion Dealing with outsiders, media or press SAMPLE SCENARIOS To illustrate provisions of the policy SETTING UP SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Guidance for personal accounts Approval of institutional accounts POSTING ON PERSONAL ACCOUNTS Guidance if identified with CM or PGH PROTECTING PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY To uphold patients’ rights UPCM/PGH Social media policy SECTIONS 01 02 03 04 05 06 DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  3. 3. UPCM/PGH Social media policy SETTING UP SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Never use institutional email address to set up a personal social media account. Include a disclaimer statement. Institutional social media accounts will have to be approved by the UPCM/PGH social media committee. Approval of institutional social media accounts will require designation of Content Owner(s) and Moderator(s). UPCM/PGH does not prescreen posted content but has the right to remove at its sole discretion, any content violating policy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 UPCM/PGH does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties. DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  4. 4. UPCM/PGH Social media policy POSTING ON PERSONAL ACCOUNTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Whenever possible, separate personal and professional profiles. Always clarify if you are commenting from a personal standpoint. Do not sign off as Name, Faculty/Student/Trainee/Employee, UPCM/PGH Refrain from posting on social media during work hours. Personal accounts are covered by policy if you identify yourself as affiliated with UPCM and/or PGH. Do not discuss any clinical activities on social media. All posts are public and may be quoted. Social media should not be used for raising and escalating concerns. Follow usual procedures. DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  5. 5. UPCM/PGH Social media policy PROTECTING PATIENT PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 Never post about colleagues, faculty, students or employees without explicit written consent. Never comment on legal matters or crisis situations involving UPCM/PGH. Do not share proprietary information. Refrain from discussing patients even when de-identified. Use privacy settings to safeguard information. Practice due diligence. Posting of photos of patients or body parts (including CT scans, X-rays etc) is NOT allowed even with the patients’ consent. Use of social media for clinical trial recruitment of patients must be reviewed by UP Manila REB. DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  6. 6. UPCM/PGH Social media policy MAINTAINING PROFESSIONALISM ONLINE 1 2 3 4 5 6 Use caution when sharing a defamatory post. Ensure that whatever you post or share about other people or organisations is accurate. Avoid making prejudicial comments even in jest or as satire to avoid misunderstanding. Refrain from making demeaning or insulting comments about colleagues, faculty, students or employees online. If you see inappropriate behavior from others, bring it to their attention discreetly and sensitively. Do not accept friend requests from patients. Faculty/chairmen etc should not initiate a personal online relationship with students/ employees. DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  7. 7. UPCM/PGH Social media policy EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 If someone offers to pay you to participate in an online forum in your UPCM/PGH role, this could be conflict of interest. If you are using social media for health promotion/education, do so within your area of expertise. When writing an article for posting, be evidence-based. Disclose conflicts of interest. If media contacts you about an online post that relates to UPCM/ PGH in any way, alert your superior/social media committee. Never use social media to dispense specific medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. Include a disclaimer. If a person not connected to UPCM/PGH posts in relation to UPCM/PGH, follow the social network response guide. DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY DO NOT REPRODUCE, QUOTE OR USE IN ANY WAY
  8. 8. Social Network Response Guide Vanderbilt University Medical Center IS THE POST POSITIVE? Respond using the considerations below TRANSPARENCY Disclose your connection to UPCM/PGH TIMELINES Take time to develop a thoughtful response. TONE Be personable. SOURCES Cite official sources and link. NO Record and send to social media team Is it a complaint about a negative experience? YES Is this your area of responsibility? YES Do you think responding would be helpful to the poster? YES Is the situation resolvable?YES NO Contact your manager. Respond. I am sorry to hear about the situation. I’d like to help. Email me. Send to social media team. Respond. I am sorry to hear about your experience. We are always looking to improve. Email details. Send to social media team. NO Is the post visible to the general public? Is the post highly personal? YES YES Do not respond. Record. YES NO NO Are any of the facts wrong? YES Record and monitor. NO Is it a rant or on a site dedicated to criticisms/complaints? YES Is this your area of expertise? YES