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Information and Research


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Mini workshop at the Philippine Conference for Community Health 2015 29 Nov at the UP College of Medicine

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Information and Research

  1. 1. INFORMATION & RESEARCH Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, MSc Professor, UP College of Medicine Chief, UP Medical Informatics Unit UP-PGH by Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ PCCH 2015
  2. 2. “We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge.” Rutherford D. Rogers
  3. 3. National eHealth Vision Philippines Photo by Doun, By 2020, eHealth will enable widespread access to health care services, health information and securely share and exchange patient information in support of safer, quality health care, more equitable and responsive health system for all the Filipino people by transforming the way information is used to plan, manage, deliver and monitor health services.
  4. 4. IT-enabled health services By 2020 Philippine Health Information Exchange (PHIE) implementation EMR certification IT in all public health facilities National eHealth Vision
  5. 5. RESEARCH QUESTIONS IN HEALTH INFORMATICS What theories, systems, applications and technologies best support the collection, use and dissemination of data and information? What is the impact of health information technology on the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare? What is the impact of health information technology on the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of health care? What is the perceived usefulness of health information technology and the satisfaction levels of its use among healthcare providers? Brodnik MS et al. Health Informatics Research Methods: Principles and Practices. Prospect Health Inf Manag 2012
  6. 6. LET’S MAKETHIS INTERACTIVE! Introduce take-off healthcare scenarios. Divide into groups.Work on formulating a research question using the PICO(M) format. Fill up Google slide 15 minutes. Group reporting. 5 minutes per group. Question and answer. 3 minutes per group.
  7. 7. ASKING A GOOD RESEARCH QUESTION Patient, population or problem Intervention, prognostic problem or exposure Comparison Outcome(s) you would like to measure or achieve Method
  8. 8. The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and evaluation, and for the continuing education of health care providers, all in the interests of advancing the health of individuals and their communities TELEMEDICINEWHO definition
  9. 9. Launched July 24 at National Science & Technology Week High speed wifi up to 50 MB/day
  10. 10. Juan, Konek! Public-private partnership
  11. 11. Aiming for 99% connectivity by 3rd quarter 2015 Quezon Memorial Circle Rizal Park
  12. 12.
  13. 13. DOH ON FACEBOOK Community page
  15. 15. A computer system for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions on the Earth’s surface GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (GIS)
  16. 16. Philippine Health Atlas Health Facilities