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This presentation is for those who want to go in the field of BIOTECHNOLOGY.
All career related things are mentioned in this ppt.
Hope it helps you !!!

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Biotechnology 1

  1. 1. Presentation by :- Ishwari Morajkar.
  2. 2. What is Biotechnology ? • Biotechnology : Mere application of technical advances in life science to develop or make useful commercial products for specific use. • Biotechnology also writes on the pure biological sciences (i.e., genetics, microbiology , animal cell culture , molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology).
  3. 3. The field of biotechnology… • Biotechnology as a subject has grown rapidly. And as far as employment is concerned, it has become one of the fast growing sector. Employment record shows that biotechnology has a great scope in future. Bio-technologists can find careers with pharmaceutical companies, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. They can be employed in the areas of planning, production and management of bio-processing industries. There is a large scale employment in research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector.
  4. 4. The field of biotechnology… • Biotechnology students in India may find work in a government-based entity such as universities, research institutes or at private centers as research scientists / assistants. Alternatively they may find employment in specialized biotechnology companies or biotech-related companies such as pharmaceutical firms, food manufacturers, aquaculture and agricultural companies. Companies that are engaged in business related to life sciences (ranging from equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, etc) also consider a biotech degree relevant to their field. The work scope can range from research, sales, marketing, administration, quality control, breeders, technical support etc.
  5. 5. The field of biotechnology… • As there is increasing popularity and explosive growth, there is plenty of opportunities available in Biotechnology field. You can be a Research Scientist, Teacher, Marketing manager, Science Writer, Bio informists, Quality Control Officer or Production in-charge in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. Analyst (Venture- Capitalist) Environmental /Safety Specialist .Biotechnology companies require Corporate Executives with business/management Degrees. A graduate in Biotechnology can get job in government sectors such as Universities and Colleges, Research institutes or at Private Centers as Research scientists/assistants.
  6. 6. Career Options / Profiles… • Lab technician: includes cleaning and maintaining equipment used by scientists and working on the various pieces of lab equipment as instructed. • Research associate: If you are interested in Research and Development, then becoming a Research Associate can provide an interesting career that allows you to carry out experiments under the instruction of established Scientists. • Research scientist: if you wish to enter the field at a high level, you may choose to become a Research Scientist. This involves working alongside established scientists to design and carry out experiments, then writing reports for future publication. • Engineer (Chemical, Electrical, Environmental and Industrial): This position would involve engaging in a range of projects from building robots to assisting with Research and Development.
  7. 7. Some of the job in this field… • Bioinformatician Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 9,000,000 • Biomedical Engineer Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 5,000,000 • Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 2,500,000 • Biotechnology Research Associate Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 3,000,000 • Clinical Research Associate Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 5,000,000 • Crime Lab Technician Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 2,750,000 • Quality Control Analyst Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 3,500,000 • Quality Control Engineer Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 4,000,000 • Senior Research Scientist Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 5,500,000 • Validation Technician Average Salary (p.a) : Rs. 2,500,000
  8. 8. Educational Qualification.. Degree Requirements A degree with a major in biotechnology requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 36 credits for the major; 41 credits in general education requirements; and 43 credits in the minor, electives, and other degree requirements. At least 18 credits in the major must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above).
  9. 9. Job Prospective… • Drugs and pharmaceutical research • Public funded laboratories • Chemicals • Energy • Waste management • Food processing • Gene therapy • Tissue culture • Biomedical industries • New DNA technologies • Biomedical marketing
  10. 10. Personality Trait… 1. They must be strong yet sensitive to their environment. Only managers with excellent interpersonal skills will be able to handle sensitively such delicate tasks as helping the company founders think commercially and training them in what to say where and when, deciding to cancel a pet project, bringing in and integrating new employees better paid than founding staff, and introducing formal management tools such as reporting and budgeting—all without damaging employee relations.
  11. 11. Personality Trait… 2. They must combine strategic thinking with a can-do mentality. While a company is in its early stages, with few employees, a manager must assume many roles. While acting as a visionary and developing innovative business plans and "big-picture" strategies, managers are still very operational and must have a hands-on attitude—being willing to put together the information for a presentation and to prepare one's own slides, for example.
  12. 12. Personality Trait… 3. They must be highly motivated and aware of the challenges ahead. A successful biotechnology manager must know what to expect during the early stages of a startup and be eager to fight to overcome obstacles. Our experience tells us, for example, that candidates who are looking to manage a biotechnology firm merely to try something different from big pharma are likely to be unsuccessful. To succeed as a biotechnology chief executive officer, one must be passionate not only about a product or technology but also about achievement in general.