Benihana case study


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Benihana case study

  1. 1. “BENIHANA OF TOKYO”Q.1 what is Benihana selling define this in terms of core product and augmented product?Ans. Core Product: food and Beverages Augmented product: atmosphere and hospitalityQ.2 Explain the process design of Benihana?1. After a group had been seated, the waiters would take the order and bring whatever soup,salad, & beverages were requested, after which the chef would appear, wheeling his cart withfood items.2. When he came to table that time he started grill of raw steak, chicken, & shrimps3. And put directly to the plate of customer for ecstasy.Q.3 Explain the importance of plant layout in the overall strategy of Benihana?1. They had given 78% space preferences to front side instead of 70% because they are not muchmore use the conventional kitchen as like Americans uses2. Chef made dishes in front of them as per their specification3. Benihana was denoted for joy, how? Because chef made everything in front of them due towhich every customer will come next time with their friends for enjoying exotic food in exoticsurrounding that time required more space.Q.4 what is the target market of Benihana?Business Person, Tourist visitors
  2. 2. Q.5 what is the marketing philosophy of Benihana?1. They show whole page advertisement on news paper & Magazine, TV2. In that they showed that bold size of headline under this they given the information of theircooking philosophy3. On that page they showed the Japanese chef how prepared food for them by taking theirview’s and demands.Q.7 what are the key cost of Benihana?1. Controllable:-Payroll and management salary2. Occupation: Rent, Taxes, Interest and depreciationQ.8 what are the key profit centers of Benihana? High ambience Good interior Hibachi table Exotic food Fast operationQ.9 what is Strategy?Strategy is the creation of a unique & valuable position involving a different set of activities
  3. 3. Q.10 How to expand Benihana and reason behind of its? 1. Expand their business to UK Reason: I. Use local interior where they looking for II. Joint venture with hotel group which is ventured with advertisement, PR and sponsorship company