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Bank: Trends, Tech and Future


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How the digital disruption will change the banking?

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Bank: Trends, Tech and Future

  1. 1. FUTURE 2030 2060 2100 Version: 3.06/ Release: 23 April 2016 / Update: 01 October 2016 2200
  2. 2. It is not about but which bank will dominate digital economy using Fintech Banks Vs Fintech
  3. 3. Bank Today Cash Capital TransactionsLoans Money emission Capital accumulation Middlemen in borrowing Money logistics
  4. 4. Cash Capital Transactions Loans Cash-free world Risk-free Decentralization Automatization
  5. 5. Road to Cash-free World Absolute connect Total control Bank platform Internet access everywhere FREE Detailed data of any operation FREE User account doesn`t link to any bank Easy payment One-click solution for any task FREE
  6. 6. Unlimited Capital In Cloud ACCESS PrivateFunds Business Financing provided by everyone
  7. 7. AI Risks Control Personal identification Real-time monitoring Prevention algorithms Know everything about every user Record and analyze every action AI technology and regulation
  8. 8. Smart Systems Digital Assistant AI Investments Real-time Monitoring Money logistics Authentication PersonalizationSecure Access Risk Management Team Management Media Omni-channels Big Data Service Platform
  9. 9. Software Integrated in every device or business system Data bank Aggregates all personal and business data Platform APP-Store for finance and NON-Financial services Consulting Core services: Investment, performance, etc. Brand Only matters: Interface and Relationship Agents Everyone sells New players Hi-tech with capital, customers and data Bank is Digital Platform2030
  10. 10. Offices Manufacturing Retail Houses Transport Equipment Lands Resources Bank is Asset Network2060 Instead of capital banks will provide:
  11. 11. Barter system Employees and customers will be payed by goods and services made by the same bank Bank will define life-long spending in advance Life script World production Bank will control all production and sales Any business or asset owned by some bank Total ownership 2100 Bank Is Life-Style
  12. 12. Bank is Government Bank #3 No more borders, but internal bank eco-system Bank #1 Bank #2 Bank #4 2200
  13. 13. Expertise Product and Digital Strategy Ivano Ph.D., MBA Competencies R&D, M&A, Strategy Product Owner Skype: ishmelev Partnership Consulting, Speaker or Head of Innovations Strategy & Innovations
  14. 14. Other Presentations Bitcoin Simple description of what is Bitcoin and how it will transform the future Digital Bank How digital bank is different from traditional bank and why it will win
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  16. 16. “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”
  17. 17. If NOT….