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Snow camp (2)


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Snow camp (2)

  1. 1. Documentary Of Snow CampProduction Report & Pitching
  2. 2. What Is MyDocumentary ABOUT ?• My documentary idea is about discovering real truth about the good work that the orgainsation snow camp has brought to London and how it has helped the youths of London, they have done some real good things. I am looking to ask the creators , volunteers and managers what made them want to be a part of this orgainstation , what drove them to the cause ? I want to show more of the population in the UK and make them see what a group of people coming together and trying to help out youths can really turn in to something really special. They are expanding so much from how they started with a small group of staff and six young people taking a trip to the French Alps to taking 200 or a bit less people that’s including staff and youths to the French Alps , also they have expanded by doing summer courses and taking youths to snow sports centre’s to ski and snowboard during the summer.
  3. 3. Possible Costing Facility House - £1,000 A Week Camera Equipment - £2,000 A Week Camera Lightnen - £18 A DayThe documentary will be filmed only once and it willcome on four times in one week Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday Total Cost - £3,018
  4. 4. LocationsThe Homes Of The Staff Of Snow CampA Youth Centre
  5. 5. Actors And CrewMyself and some members of snowcamp will be the crew in making this documentary excellent. I will be the one who askes the questions and some other members of will be answering the questions .
  6. 6. Selling Point Of The Documentary The documentary will be aimed at teens and above because it will appeal to those age groups and describe the work behind snowcamp and let the public understand what snowcamp are doing for youths.