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Nirma swot analysis


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Nirma should work on 4ps as its promotion price both are not very stong

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Nirma swot analysis

  1. 1. SWOT ANALYSIS OF Presented by:- Ishita Banerjee, Prabha Kumari Satya Prakash Pandey, Rajesh Sharma3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Introduction• Started as a one-product one-man outfit in 1969 by a chemist Karsanbhai Patel, at Ahmadabad.• The company’s mission to provide, “Better products Better Value, Better Living” contributed a great deal to its success. MARKETING MANAGEMENT 3/12/2012
  3. 3. Basic Features• Nirma was a basic detergent with no color, design or sophistication on the pack the product• Was priced at around 35% of surf.• Market share grew from 0% in 1976 to about 60% in 1987 in over a period of ten years• It has become the largest selling brand and the success of Nirma is due to affordable price, medium quality, distribution reach and effective use of media.• The title NIRMA GIRL going round and round on her feet makes a strong impact for the brand 3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. Story of success(cont..)• At the starting of thecompany Dr. Karsanbhai Patel was making detergentsin the 100 Sq. Ft. back yardof his home, a village in Gujarat• using bare hands & bucket Once the mixture is ready, he used to pack them in polythene bag and use to sell door to door. 3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. Now the company has 14000 employee and yearly turn over 2500 cr. approximately.3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  6. 6. 3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Advantage of SWOT Analysis• Consolidate strengths .• Minimizes weakness.• Helps to grab the opportunity.• Minimizes threats.• Facilitates planning.• Facilitates alternative choices.• Helps to innovate• Ensure survival & success. 3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  8. 8. Strength• Strong brand equity. Nirma is a Rs.17 billion umbrella brand offering consumers a broad portfolio of products at multiple price points in the Detergents, soaps and personal care market.• Long-term and strong relationship With customers ,as well as goodwill of the brand.• Strong and wide distribution channel3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. Strength(cont..)• Nirma have now diversified business, spreaded in various sectors.• Market leadership in detergent and fabric wash and toilet soap• Produce a range of industrial chemical products which primarily serve as raw material or intermediates for soaps and detergent business.3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  10. 10. Product Ranges Consumer Products3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  11. 11. Product Ranges Industrial Products• LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene)• AOS(Alfa Olefin Sulphate)• Sodium silicate• Sulphuric Acid• Glycerin• Pure salt3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. Education IndustryNirma University with following institutes-• Nirma institute of management.• Nirma institute of law.• Nirma institute of• technology3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  13. 13. weakness• High interest burden• Less presence in premium segment.• Lack global tie-ups and thus lacking in export market3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  14. 14. Opportunities• Exports to developing /neighboring countries• Acquisition for strengthening its distribution tie ups.• Entry into other categories like shampoos, toothpastes and fabric whiteners.• Increase market share in premium segment by launching variants.3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  15. 15. Opportunities• Nirma would have a great future in service industry, as they already have the brand goodwill. The prospective sectors would be.- Education- Hotel industry- Health Care Services- Rural Financial services3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  16. 16. Threats • MNCs coming to India particularly in Toilet Soap industry. • Emergence of small but strong regional players. • Broad attack from HUL and P & G. 3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  17. 17. Threats• With growth in size, arise the challenges of organization and control. Nirma needs to focus on these challenges and see how it can retain some of its nimbleness and yet reap the advantages of size, such as the economics of scale.3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  18. 18. Area of improvement: • Introduction of new sachet • Introduction of family jar. • Improvement in distributing pattern. • Improvement in advertisement and mode of advertisement. • Improvement upon R & D. • Offer better commission to the sellers for selling the product.3/12/2012 MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  19. 19. CONCLUSION• From 1969 to 2012, from a small firm to a big industry with 21 branches, from one man outfit to 14000 employees and from 0%profit to 2500cr. Turnover per year, is not such a easy story.• There were lot of planning, analysis, hard work and dedication behind the key of success of that diversified business.• It all become possible, when a company or an individual know their SWOT analysis.3/12/2012 MARKNG MANAGEMENT