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A permanent solution to tooth loss

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  2. 2. About dental implants Damaged root parts of teeth are replaced by dental implants Dental implants are placed into the jawbone directly. To get a natural-looking ,crowns are attached to the dental implants. Dental implants are made from pure titanium or its alloys. This titanium metal has an ability to fuse with living bone (a process called Osseo-integration).
  3. 3. Dental implants offer a highly successful, long-lasting, and totally natural-looking substitute that becomes part of the jawbone and also helps to maintain health. Benefits of Dental implants
  4. 4. Dental implant procedure •Pre-surgery X-ray examination, CT scanning, and often the use of a precision surgical guide allows a determination of your occlusion, where dental implant is going to fix. •Surgery Osteotomy sites prepared in the mouth by using a surgical template to ensure accurate positioning of the implants. The size of the site is increased using drilling sequence. Then dental implants are placed into the sites so that the healing process can begin. •Post-surgery Medications of aspirin or ibuprofen family, antibiotics etc are generally given to relieve discomfort and swelling
  5. 5. Care to be taken after dental implant surgery 1. Flossing and brushing your teeth daily can prevent gum disease. 2. Avoid too much stress applying to the implants. 3. Regular dental check-ups can help your dentist to ensure that everything is healthy and stable and also can check whether your dental implant will last for long time Flossing and brushing your teeth
  6. 6. Failure is a rare case and only occurs when implant fail to fuse with the living bone properly. Peri-implantitis (a bacterial infection due to accumulations of food particles and plaque from the gums near the implant) can destroy bone and also can loosen the implant What causes dental implants to fail?
  7. 7. Your health conditions and habits have part on success of dental implants. For example diabetes, smoking etc affect surgical healing. How does general health influence dental implants?
  8. 8. Implants are normally placed by dental surgical specialists (periodontists and oral surgeons) or general dentists who have undertaken special training in implantology. For best dental services, contact us Whom should I consult for dental implant? NOVADENT 475D, Jubilee Road, Pilakool Thalassery,Kannur. Kerala 670103 04902344366.(Ph) 9400224400.(Mob) Email - Our website -