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Russian Coal Market Information and Consulting


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Coal Market Research Institute conducts management consulting in mining sector in Russia and CIS.
We provide technical consulting, due diligence, Russian market entry strategy, market research, Russian coal procurement strategy, investment support in Russian mining, operational efficiency on Russian mines.
As our consultants also worked in Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and other top-consulting firms we offer other industries management consulting services.

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Russian Coal Market Information and Consulting

  1. 1. Институт конъюнктуры рынка угля Свидетельство о государственной аккредитации научной организации № 677 от 03 декабря 1998 г. 119019, Москва, Тел. +7(495) 691-85-45 ул. Новый Арбат, д.15, стр.1 Факс +7(495) 691-85-45 E-Mail: Russian Coal Industry Consulting Proposal About CMRI Coal Market Research Institute (CMRI) was organized in 1992 and has been conducting coal sector market research and consulting for Russian and international companies. Among clients are market leaders - Siberian Coal Energy Company, Evraz, Belon, Yakutugol, Anglo American and many others. CMRI executives consisting of mining engineers and managers possess Russian coal industry experience of more than 20 years and have a wide comprehensive contact network at senior executive level throughout the industry value chain. Our knowledge base We are proud of the accumulated knowledge at our company through a long period of company existence. This knowledge base allows us conduct projects that would require industry statistics, industry benchmarking and industry networking. Coal Market Research Institute possesses: • Monthly updated industry database on production volumes, sales volumes, headcount, costs, and other statistics parameters for each coal mine in Russia • Top level contact database across the industry • Unique knowledge on Russian mines engineering • Access to government level activity on industry development and support • Broad pool of mining professionals Specter of our services We provide market, management and technical services for clients related to Russian coal mining sector, i.e. Russian coal companies, international mining companies, investment banks and funds, credit organization, coal traders, transportation companies, end users – power companies and steel mills. Services offered include: • Market intelligence for competitive analysis • Russian coal investment strategies, involving identification and assessment of acquisition targets and partner negotiations • Russian coal procurement strategies, involving competitive FOB supply assessment and supplier contracting • Analysis and forecasting for coal sector in general or for individual mine or company including demand, investment projects, costs, transportation bottlenecks, etc. • Mine efficiency improvement and cost cutting • Mines due diligence, including review of geological conditions, mining plans, infrastructure, equipment, safety system, mine management system.
  2. 2. • Investment projects due diligence and optimization • Support in day-to-day mine management decisions Geography of services CMRI a company of choice for coal industry related projects in Russia and CIS. Our consultants had also performed projects in other countries, including Indonesia, Mongolia, South Africa. Core team Valery E. Zaydenvarg, Prof., DScTech, Chairman of the Board of Directors, mining engineer and mine manager with long experience in Russian and Soviet coal industry, ex-Head of Department of Coal Mining Ministry, ex-President of “Rosugol” (Government owned industry-wise coal producing monopoly in 1990’s), led restructuring and development of Russian coal industry, managed numerous multitask projects with coal companies. Alexander B. Kovalchuk, Prof., DScTech, General Director, experienced mining engineer, macroeconomist, manager with more than 20 years experience in coal industry, managed numerous industry forecast and development projects, including government contracts. Alexader has track record of being mine General Director and Top-Manager of industry related companies. Igor Shelukhin, Director on Strategy and Development, experienced strategist and business development manager with 3,5 years of international coal market experience and 6 years of consulting experience. Igor has developed growth strategic plans for largest Russian and International companies in coal, resource and other sectors. He managed complex consulting projects as well as development projects in Russia and Indonesia. Michael Garasemchuk, Manager, mining engineer with international experience, managed operations on gold and coal mines in Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan. Michael also managed efficiency improvement projects in largest Russian coal company. For further information on our services and inquiries please contact: Igor S Shelukhin, Director on Strategy and Development, CMRI Tel: +7 926 535 3435 Fax: +7 495 691 8545 E-mail: Novy Arbat 15, of. 610, 119019 Moscow, Russia Web: