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User experience design strategies


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User experience design strategies

Published in: Design
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User experience design strategies

  1. 1. User-centered Design Strategies
  2. 2. Web Design is not just an art.It’s science too!You must blend everything in rightproportion, or it may blow up.
  3. 3. Create a pleasing aesthetic thatcommunicates function and gives easy accessto content.
  4. 4. So, what it takes to create this so-called BLEND?
  5. 5. Start with Analyzing things
  6. 6. What are you trying to achieve with your website?What is the website’s main purpose?Whos your audience?Remember, whatever that function is, yourdesign must focus on fulfilling it.
  7. 7. Analyze• Understand • Business Landscape• Research • Organizational Structure• Evaluate • Organizational Objectives• Innovate • Website Objectives• Strategize and Plan • Target Audience and Users • Brands, Products, Markets • Marketing Strategy
  8. 8. Analyze• Understand • User Research• Research • User Goals and Stories• Evaluate • Personas, Scenarios, and• Innovate Activities• Strategize and Plan • User Pain, Needs, Wants, Desires
  9. 9. Analyze• Understand • Competition• Research • SWOT• Evaluate • Positioning• Innovate • USP• Strategize and Plan • Differentiators • Segments
  10. 10. Analyze• Understand • Emotional design• Research • Social interaction• Evaluate • Concept• Innovate • Communication strategy• Strategize and Plan
  11. 11. Analyze• Understand • Website objectives• Research • Website strategy• Evaluate • Communication strategy• Innovate • Approach/ Treatment/ Style/• Strategize and Plan Tone
  12. 12. Refine ideas to get a master idea.Put them at work. Test them all!
  13. 13. Organize• Functional Specification • Understand requirements• Content Design • Brainstorm• Information Architecture • Validate baseline features and• Usability Evaluation functionalities • Define differentiator features and functionalities • Create a specification document
  14. 14. Organize• Functional Specification • Content to meet business and• Content Design website objectives• Information Architecture • Content to meet user objectives• Usability Evaluation • Content to increase conversion rate
  15. 15. Organize• Functional Specification • Structure and zoning• Content Design • Navigation design• Information Architecture • Content architecture• Usability Evaluation • Page level detailed information • Architecture
  16. 16. Organize• Functional Specification • Wireframe validation• Content Design • A/B or Multivariate testing• Information Architecture • Cognitive walkthroughs• Usability Evaluation • Heuristic evaluations • Eye tracking • Iterative prototyping
  17. 17. Start creating an experience.An aesthetic, usable design!
  18. 18. Design• Communication Design • Communication design to• Visual Design communicate core messages• Usability Evaluations • Maximize impact• Deliverables • Persuasive communication • Soft/ hard sell • Category/ brand sell
  19. 19. Design• Communication Design • Data visualization• Visual Design • Page design with acute focus on enhancing communication• Usability Evaluations • Visualization• Deliverables • Typography
  20. 20. Design• Communication Design • Wireframe validation• Visual Design • A/B or Multivariate testing• Usability Evaluations • Cognitive walkthroughs• Deliverables • Heuristic evaluations • Eye tracking • Iterative prototyping
  21. 21. Design• Communication Design • Photoshop source files• Visual Design • Style guide• Usability Evaluations• Deliverables
  22. 22. Nailed it?Time to put it into production.
  23. 23. Tie Up• Front-end development• Back-end integration• Deployment• Testing
  24. 24. It’s quite easy to lose track of your goalsand end up with something that isbeautiful.
  25. 25. Do not fall into the trap of implementingthe latest design trends just because theylook attractive.
  26. 26. Think through every design decision youmake.Don’t just build a beautiful website:make a website that really works.
  27. 27. Get Going Now!!!