Best sources to find fresh content for your blog posts


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15 + Resources of Fresh Topic Ideas for New Blog Post.

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Best sources to find fresh content for your blog posts

  1. 1. Best Sources to find Fresh Content for Your Blog Posts<br />
  2. 2. You Should Keep in Mind <br />Based on the statements below, Pro-blogging is all about -  do research then write in a creative manner what people search .<br />“ Discover the exact phrases people in your market are using when they search and write valuable content around that and people will find your blog before they know your competitors exist. <br /> - By John Jantsch<br />“ Inspiration from other sources is what creativity is all about. It seems that many people believe creativity involves pulling a completely brand new idea out of thin air. In truth, creativity is an adaptive process that consists of looking at the same existing thing everyone else is and thinking about it differently.<br /> -By Ben Clark<br />
  3. 3. # 1 Quora <br /><ul><li>High quality topics and replies
  4. 4. Community of elites
  5. 5. Discover topics that you never even knew existed </li></li></ul><li># 2 Feed Readers<br /><ul><li>Keep updated on your favorite blogs/websites.
  6. 6. Web -based feed readers : Google Feed Reader and Bloglines
  7. 7. Software applications : FeedDaemon (Windows), NetNewsWire (Mac), RSSOwl (Linux).</li></li></ul><li># 3 Google alerts<br /><ul><li>Fastest way to monitor  topics of your interest</li></li></ul><li># 4 Subscribe Newsletters<br /><ul><li>Get news on latest features, updates and upcoming events to your inbox regarding a web service or software.</li></li></ul><li># 5  Forums and Groups <br /><ul><li> An awesome platform for discussion .
  8. 8. Get user generated Ideas and content.
  9. 9. useful for finding content  such as how to guides, tutorials, troubleshooting and tips.</li></li></ul><li>#6 Social Bookmarking<br /><ul><li>Keep you updated on trending topics.
  10. 10. Get quality content around the web that are recommended by readers.</li></li></ul><li># 7 Twitter <br /><ul><li> Monitor buzz around your favorite topics.</li></li></ul><li># 8 FaceBook Fan Pages  <br /><ul><li> To know behind the scene stories such as photographs of events, announcements of upcoming features and policies .</li></li></ul><li># 9   News Aggregators<br /><ul><li>Efficient way to get all kind of news and information around the world. Example - Google news .</li></li></ul><li># 10  Photo Sharing Websites<br /><ul><li> Find interesting photos related to your niche and quickly write a unique post that describe a photo. </li></li></ul><li># 11  Document and Presentation <br /><ul><li>  Slides are often use to promote business and  to demonstrate products or services to clients. Easy way to trawl unique content for your website/ blogs.
  11. 11. Recommended – Slideshare, Scribd and Isshuu.</li></li></ul><li># 12 YouTube<br /><ul><li>Keep updated on your favorite websites.
  12. 12. Feed Readers – Google Feed Reader (online tool) , Software Applications- FeedDaemon, NetNewsWire, RSSOwl .</li></li></ul><li># 12 Wikipedia Articles and References<br /><ul><li> Wikis and references (at bottom) give you in- depth details of any topic.</li></li></ul><li># 12 ebooks and PDF<br /><ul><li> You can get plenty of ideas by reading eBooks and PDF on your PC.</li></li></ul><li># 15 others<br /><ul><li>Newspapers and magazines .
  13. 13. Traditional methods to get fresh ideas for your Blogs/websites.</li></li></ul><li>*** Inevitable tool behind Blogging success <br /><ul><li> Use the muscles between your ears to achieve something remarkable in blogosphere. </li></li></ul><li> Slides by <br />IshankBadhani<br />Read full article<br /><br /><br />