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Congo vs usa


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Published in: Education
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Congo vs usa

  1. 1. • It’s Geography• It’s people• Life in Congo• Advantages• Disadvantages
  2. 2. The Congo Rainforest is located in central Africacontaining one of the longest rivers in the world. Itcovers a lot of the northern part of Congo. It has aarea of 1.5 million mile squared. It receives a highrainfall with the average of Tropical Rainforest’sclimate is hot and humid. The soil is not known tohave many nutrients, because they get washed awayin all the rain.
  3. 3. Today the African rainforest is home tosome of the most celebrated tribalpeople, the so-called Pygmies of theIturi forest in northern Zaire. The tallestof these people, known as the Mbuti,rarely exceed 5 feet (1.5 m) in height.Besides the Mbuti, there are three othermajor rainforest peoples of Africa: theAka (Central African Republic andnorthern Congo), the Baka (southernCameroon), and the Twa (central ZaireRiver basin). Their main occupationgenerally primary.
  4. 4. About 60 million people in central Africahave a close relationship with therainforest, and some of them depend on itfor food, shelter, and medicine. Like otherrainforests, the Congo Rainforest isa biodiversity hotspot, inhabited by forestelephants, hippopotami, three species ofgreat ape (gorillas, chimpanzees, andbonobos), civets, the bongo (an antelope),duikers (another antelope), the Hartebeest(antelope) etc. The natural wonders are sorich that five national parks in the CongoRainforest are listed as UN World HeritageSites. In total, the rainforest has more than11,000 species of plants, 450 mammals,1,150 birds, 300 reptiles, and 200amphibians.
  5. 5. • Free air• Variety of species of plants and animals• Many resources• Congo River giving fertile soil and fresh air• Pleasant place to live in• No pollution
  6. 6. • Less technology• Rain a lot, perhaps causing floods• Humid• No rule and regulations
  7. 7. • It’s geography• It’s people• Life in USA• Advantages• Disadvantages
  8. 8. USA is in northern and southernhemisphere. It has 13 states. There aremany measurements given for the area.The CIA World Fact book gives 9,826,675km2 (3,794,100 sq. mi), the UnitedNations Statistics Division gives9,629,091 km2(3,717,813 sq. mi), andthe Encyclopedia Britannica gives9,522,055 km2 (3,676,486 sq. mi).
  9. 9. People in USA live a highstandard of living. Peoplehave manygadgets, technology. Peoplein USA have secondaryoccupation as there main job
  10. 10. People in USA are generallyjoyful. They have a high tech life.There are a lot of facilities in USA.There are many recreationalareas where people can enjoy.They work in offices. A normalperson in USA would probablyhave a busy routine for a day. Theresidential areas are also good.
  11. 11. • High tech life• Good standard of living• Good economic, political and social status• A superpower nation
  12. 12. • Pollution• High cost of living• Loud noise• Frequent minor crimes, crisis and robberies
  13. 13. There are a lot of differences rather than similaritiesbetween Congo and USA. Congo is more like home ofprimitive people while Americans can’t even think tolive without technology. But, Congo has far cleaner airthan heavily polluted USA
  14. 14. According to my friend, it is USA which is more favourable.The technology now can’t come in the mind of people of1800s. The standard of living and the infrastructure arealso the aspects which changed people’s lives
  15. 15. According to me, comparing with many aspectsto consider, it is difficult to tell. I think of aworld having both the place’s strength. USA’stechnology, good standard of living and Congo’spollution-free natural environment, havingvariety of species and people’s cultural andspiritual belief. These aspects will helphumanity for a long race.