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Fringe networks group17 smm


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Fringe networks group17 smm

  1. 1. 43things, Couchsurfing, Ning, Meetup, Posterous, WAYN Presented by: Group 17 Roshini Viswanathan Ishani Sircar Vaibhav Dixit (FT13383) Jayashree Ramamoorthy (FT13427) Kalicharan Kumar
  2. 2.  Social Travel Network Founded in 2002 in London by Jérome Touze (Co-CEO), Peter Ward (Co-CEO) and Mike Lines (CTO) Discover where to go and what to do Enables its users to create a profile and upload photos Averages over 8 million unique users a month Global Traffic Rank – 2453 , Indian Traffic Rank – 1246 Help its members fulfil their dreams by meeting like-minded people to do cool stuff with and by sharing their intentions and experiences with others WAYN Founders have also launched a new dating site under the WAYN umbrella. WAYN Dating helps people find their match based on doing what they love. Few considers it as malicious spam website one of the few premium social networking communities that managed to become profitable WAYN - Android Apps on Google Play
  3. 3.  An online social networking portal Facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world 13.26 million members in 196 countries 123, 298 meetup groups and 381,743 monthly meetups Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies Connects you into a network of other nearby users whom you’ve never met and you can instantaneously initiate a chat with them.
  4. 4. Meetup Other social networking sites - Helps you meet up with new Facebook people, common interests  Facebook connects you to your Meetup – more singularly friends, already in your social focused, less distractions and circle advertising  Constant security settings, more Easy to organize repeated events distractions and ads  Requires manual entry and Meetup users are local, easier to tracking for repeated events connect with people nearby  Facebook is generic, users can be from another country, inviting to events in their country Many features and tools - group promotions such as new group  More time consuming to filter announcements, suggested through groups, e.g. Facebook meetups, events calendar and (anyone can create) email functions Better support staff, more safety  Relatively difficult to reach and reachable support staff at other social networking sites
  5. 5.  Provides groups where members may seek travel partners or advice. Members organize activities such as camping trips, bar crawls, meetings, and sporting events. Non-monetary means of exchange Project started by Casey Fenton in 1999. Mission to create inspiring experiences Alexa Global Rank – 2700 Security measures ◦ References ◦ Credit Card Verification ◦ Vouching 5 million users as of January, 2013. 97,000 unique towns in 250 states and territories. Login Process Problematic Policies – Loss of data protection Protests over conversion from a non-profit organization to profit org.
  6. 6.  Is a social networking website but with a difference. It targets the online goal setting community. It works on ‘tagging’ rather than explicit interpersonal connections Users setup logins and make a list of goals or hopes that they wish to do. Once the list is made, the text is being parsed and linked to the goals of other users. The connection established between goals of multiple people help in cheering each other up and encouraging them towards achieving their goals
  7. 7.  Location based sharing is allowed enabling users to share their goals with people of their own locality alone Deadlines can be set for each of your goals thereby urging you to work under a timed scenario A family can be formed for similar minded users and they can cheer you and tag you encouraging you to achieve your goal You can add things you have bought on your ‘consumption page’ and you shall receive tips about other similar related items. Can be integrated to Flickr, your own personal blog, etc