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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. of Isabel Bjerring Gylov - s3447984ID HUB
  2. 2. MY PERSONA Isabel Gylov is a creative student showcasing her work, interests and thoughts about the digital, tangible and graphic design world. Isabel Gylov wishes to present herself relaxed and enlightened, therefore her tone of voice is light and conversational and her type of engagement is occasional. Her tonality is often informal, which is achieved by using first-person narration. This allows her to be more personal and subjective, and allow her to refer to events and experiences. Furthermore, she wish to attract other people to her blog who likes to tinker with technology, also known as tinkers, and inspire them with her ideas. Isabel Gylov is active on social media, when she is tinkering with creative projects or gets struck by a new idea, and this can happen any hour of the day. Isabel Gylov is from Copenhagen, Denmark, where she has been lectured at the IT- University by some of the greatest tinkers and designers of the North. The knowledge and experience she here gained, she is more than willing to share on her Wordpress, Pinterest, Twitter and Vimeo account with her followers.
  3. 3. MY ID Positioning Statement I am Isabel Gylov and I seek to provide creative professionals within the design industry with inspiration, ideas and tools to create and share, the beauty of digital, tangible and graphic design. Value Proposition I am a digital design and communication student and can therefore provide my audience with fresh perspectives and insights about the wonderful world of digital design. Furthermore, I have a degree in multimedia design and digital concept development and have field experience from working as a graphic designer and web developer. Brand Story In the schools, I trained to work with technology. On the streets, I learned the way of coding. I became well-acquainted with these paths, but they were false paths. Their followers only knew about the Yang of Technology, and worshipped the Code. But technology has no soul, and code no conscience. So I flew from my country of origin, Denmark. I traveled the world and saw wonders. After some time I returned, and here I discovered the Yin of Design. It spoke of people, not things. I studied the way of the interface, of human perception and understanding. However, I found the path and its followers to be too focused on answering questions. They could not question the questions themselves. Then I left Denmark and sought again. I slowly started to pursue my own path. And with time, I was enlightened. There is no “Technology”. There is no “Design”. There is only a vision of how we should be, and the relentless resolve to make it so. The rest is details. This is the way I create and like to inspire.
  4. 4. BLOG POSTS ideas-about-identity-and-always-being-a-tourist/ the-future-of-interfaces/ The literature and theory discussedMy own interest
  5. 5. BLOG POSTS One of the exercises - Investigating a platform
  6. 6. TWITTER ACTIVITY Tweeting about the course material and interactions with other people
  7. 7. TWITTER ACTIVITY Engaging in another hashtag conversation
  8. 8. USED PLATFORMS ID Hub WordpressTwitter Behance Pinterest Vimeo I plan to add Behance later, once I start to finish more projects. As described in my blogpost about the portfolio platform Behance it is on of the worlds biggest and the quality of the work that professionals upload is amazing. If used properly, the digital portfolio can generate recognition, collaboration, and connections across industries.