Ryan Lee the best insulating material


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This is my energy PPT about the best insulating material.

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Ryan Lee the best insulating material

  1. 1. Ryan Lee
  2. 2. CONTENTS1. Purpose2. Hypothesis3. Materials Required4. Procedure5. My Results and Observations6. Conclusion7. The Big Idea
  3. 3. PURPOSE To observe which is the best insulating material. To understand which material would keep warm.
  4. 4. HYPOTHESIS I think that the woolen sock is the best insulating material. I think that the newspaper is the worst insulating material.
  5. 5. MATERIALS REQUIRED Thermometer 4 Plastic Bottles(didn’t have glass bottles) Hot Water Newspapers 1 Woolen Sock 1 Plastic Bag Aluminum Foil
  6. 6. PROCEDURE1. Gather all the materials together. Gather everything on my ‘Materials Required’ list.2. Wrap the insulating materials around the bottles. Paste the insulating materials(the newspaper, plastic bag, woolen sock and aluminum foil) over the bottles.3. Pour the hot water inside the bottles. All the hot water was approximately 42 (C), which is perfect for the experiment.
  7. 7. PROCEDURE(cont.)4. Take the temperature of the water before anything happens.The temperature all should’ve been above 104 F, butmy bottles are still above 104 F.5. Record the temperature for 5 minutes.6. Take the temperature again for 10 minutes.7. Record the temperature again for 20 minutes.
  8. 8. RESULTS AND OBSERVATIONS Temp. (C) Temp. 5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes (C) later…… later…… later…… Materials at the start Newspaper 41.9 41.3 40.6 39.5 Woolen 41.9 41.4 40.8 39.5 Sock Aluminum 41.7 41.1 40.3 39.5 Foil Plastic Bag 41.8 41.2 40.5 39.3
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONTemperature/ Difference between How much itMaterials highest and lowest dropped temperatureNewspapers Highest: 41.9 2.4 Lowest: 39.5Woolen Sock Highest: 41.9 2.4 Lowest: 39.5Aluminum Foil Highest: 41.7 2.2 Lowest: 39.5Plastic Bag Highest: 41.8 2.5 Lowest: 39.3
  10. 10. CONCLUSION(cont.)1. The temperature of the aluminum foil bottle dropped down slower than the others.2. The temperature of the plastic bag bottle dropped down faster than the others. The temperature of the aluminum foil dropped down the least(only 2.2 C) This means the aluminum foil is a good material, though it is not very thick. This also means that I wrapped 10 layers of newspapers which equaled to the same insulation of the woolen sock.
  11. 11. THE BIG IDEA Different materials has different abilities to contain heat. We must use the right material for the right job, or else you wouldn’t get the result you want. Materials that are thicker can hold more heat, but if we want to release heat quicker, then we can use thinner materials(not aluminum foil).