Leonardo's Horse vocab


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Leonardo's Horse vocab

  1. 1. Leonardo’s Horse Vocabulary Fifth Grade Unit 1
  2. 2. Words to Knowachieved fashionedarchitect midst bronze philosopher cannon rivaldepressed
  3. 3. achieved bronze architect bronze A dark yellow- cannon depressed brown alloy of fashioned copper and tin midstphilosopher rival
  4. 4. achieved architect philosopher bronze a person who cannon attempts to depressed discover and fashioned understand the midst basic nature ofphilosopher knowledge and rival reality
  5. 5. achieved architect architect bronze person who cannon designs and depressed makes plans fashioned midst for buildingsphilosopher rival
  6. 6. achieved architect fashioned bronze cannon made, depressed fashioned shaped, or midst formedphilosopher rival
  7. 7. achieved architect cannon bronze cannon a big gun, especially depressed one mounted on a fashioned base or wheels midstphilosopher rival
  8. 8. achieved architect midst bronze cannon in the middle of depressed fashioned midstphilosopher rival
  9. 9. achieved architect rival bronze A person who wants cannon and tries to get the depressed same thing as fashioned another or one who midst tries to equal or do better thanphilosopher another; competitor rival
  10. 10. achieved architect depressed bronze cannon gloomy; sad depressed fashioned midstphilosopher rival
  11. 11. achieved architect achieved bronze carried out to a cannon successful end depressed fashioned midstphilosopher rival
  12. 12. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?My uncle hired an architect to work on plans for their new house. safety inspector building designer
  13. 13. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?Michelle fashioned a necklace out of the shells she collected. made wove
  14. 14. Which means the same thing as the underlined word? Pennies were once made from bronze. Metal made of copper and silver Metal made of copper and tin
  15. 15. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?In the midst of the cake, there was a prize. corner center
  16. 16. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?Having a sister for a rival was good for both Venus and Sarena Williams one who practices frequentlyone who competes against another
  17. 17. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?I was depressed after seeing my poor spelling grade. sad compassionate
  18. 18. Which means the same thing as the underlined word?After we achieved our goal, we decided to try something even more difficult. performed accomplished
  19. 19. You’ve got it!
  20. 20. This PPT is from:• Mrs. Waltkes Literacy Page• http://classroom.jc- schools.net/waltkek/