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Irrigation PPT

A PPT on irrigation

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Irrigation PPT

  1. 1. By : Charlotte
  2. 2. What is irrigation?Irrigation is the process where water is moved from onearea (where there is a lot of water supply, suchas rivers or reservoirs) to another area which does not havemuch water.There are different types of irrigation, for example, perennialirrigation (used in Mesopotamia )and basinirrigation (used by the early Egyptians).Irrigation comes from Latin, meaning "a supplying of waterto land," (irrigationem).
  3. 3. How was irrigation used?Engineers in Mesopotamia built humongous dams, tocreate reservoirs and canals that would carry wateracross land, so that people without easy access to watercould get water for their needs.As part of the irrigation system, there were many canalscarrying water to different parts of Mesopotamia.
  4. 4. Why was irrigation invented?Irrigation was invented so people living not so near to awater source could drink, water their plants, cook, cleanthemselves and use boats for transportation.
  5. 5. How did irrigation make life easier?Since some people didn’t live so close to a water source,using irrigation, they could access water easily, to drink,clean themselves, cook and so on. The main differencethat irrigation made to their lives was that these peoplehad a regular and dependable supply of water.
  6. 6. How has this invention changed the world today?Irrigation changed the world today because it allows people tocarry out farming which did not depend just on rainfall.Therefore people are able to farm in more places in the world thanthey otherwise would have been able to.As humans moved away from relying on rainwater, more landbecame available for people to grow crops. This has helped manhave a more secure life because he is able to have food regularly.Our world today would be very different without irrigation - wemight all still be hunter-gatherers!
  7. 7. PicturesLevee: holds thewater back Dam: controls the flow of water Canal: allows the water to be brought to drier areas
  8. 8. Resource List1. Huynh3.My GD Book4. :Google Images