Ancient sumerian writing ppt


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This powerpoint is about cuneiform and modern writing

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Ancient sumerian writing ppt

  1. 1. Ancient Sumerian Writing CuneiformWritten and created by: Sasha Chua
  2. 2.  Why I chose this topic p.3 Why, where, when was it invented and how was it used p.4 How Did Ancient Writing Look like p.5 How Does It Make Life Easier Andhow does writing change the world today p.7 Resources p.8 Q&A p.9 Reflection p.10
  3. 3. I think writing will be interesting and fascinating toresearch about since writing is so important andyou see it wherever you go. And I love creativewriting, so why not?
  4. 4. Mesopotamians the people living in ’the land betweenthe two rivers’ were the first people to develop a writtenlanguage. Writing was created so Sumerians andpeople now days to keep records of the past. Peoplecan send messages to each other as well. Writing alsolet people to pass important information to futuregenerations.
  5. 5. Ancient Sumerian record keepers wrote pictographic symbolscalled cuneiform. Cuneiform was written on soft pieces of claytablets. The clay tablets were baked to make them hard so itmakes writing easier. Writing simple things was easy likedrawing a fish or broom to communicate with others. Thesystem worked well in a simple society. But how can they drawjustice or liberty or other hard things? Most people now writesymbols to represent sounds. E.g: English, French, Spanish etc.
  6. 6. People Use writing to communicate, write history, writenotes in class of what they are learning. Write rules,instructions and what they do in daily life. Now peopleuse writing for entertainment and learning. E.g., books,poems and comprehensions. If the world didn’t havewriting people will forget things easily and there wouldbe no signs, GPS, atlas or maps so people will get losseasily. Things would be entirely perplexing and difficult.
  7. 7.  writing.html html tml
  8. 8.  Q: Why was writing created? A: So Sumerians and people now days can keep records of the past, send messages to each other and pass important information to future generations etc. Q:What are pictographic symbols called? A: Cuneiform Q: Give me an example of what country that still uses pictographic symbols? A: China Give me a few languages that represent sound? English, French, Spanish, German etc.
  9. 9. I think I did alright on this PowerPoint. Idid research on this invention and foundpictures to go with it. I learned quite a lot ofthings about ancient writing. Things I neverknew before.
  10. 10. Thank you! I hope youall learned something!