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Alina steam turbines


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steam turbine

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Alina steam turbines

  2. 2. PURPOSE To make a mini model of a steam turbine To see how heat can change liquid into steam and generate power
  3. 3. MATERIALS 100 PLUS aluminum can Screw Bamboo stick Aluminum foil Egg tart tin Water Gas stove
  4. 4. PROCEDURE1. I shared the can of soda with my sister2. Rinsed the can3. My dad hammered two holes with a screw4. Filled half the can with water5. Made the stand out of a 20cm foil6. Cut some lines onto the egg tart foil7. Attach the bamboo stick to the middle of the ebb tart foil8. Attach the bamboo stick to the foil stand9. Put the can on top of the gas stove10. Watch the wheel spin
  5. 5. OBSERVATIONS It was hard to get the wheel to start spinning When the water boiled, the can shook and wobled Because the the hole was not under the fan
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONS It takes a lot of energy to generate steam. The steam should be underneath the fan
  7. 7. THE BIG IDEA steam turbines make most of the world’s electricity steam turbines are very energy efficient geothermal (from the earth’s hot core) energy will be a good clean source of energy for steam turbines in the future