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Project 3 Wedding Dress Fantasy


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Published in: Business
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Project 3 Wedding Dress Fantasy

  1. 1. Wedding Dress Fantasy Alex Bignell, Michael Iseri, Jason Scott Student Project. General Assembly Winter 2013.
  2. 2. Wedding Dress Fantasy Meet Tova
  3. 3. Wedding Dress Fantasy
  4. 4. Wedding Dress Fantasy About About the product is the online presence for the bridal store Couture de Bride. Wedding Dress Fantasy is unique in that it makes dresses fitting a wide range of styles, including both modern and alternative. The store also offers services such as fully customized dress and the ability to make any of their dresses in any color. The experience offered by Wedding Dress Fantasy is an extremely personal and intimate experience. About the project The store has a strong online following, and 40% of their sales come from the internet. However, the website does not adequately reflect the store’s brick and mortar presence. Because of this Wedding Dress Fantasy experiences a huge drop off when people reach the homepage of the site. The goal of the project is to boost online sales by 20% by creating a better browsing experience through altered aesthetics and navigation as well as assisting Tova by creating a new and easy to use administrative experience. ! A constraint for this project is that is should be geared towards PC browsers and tablets. The overall experience must also be adjusted in a way that is easily manageable for a one-person administration team.
  5. 5. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype Administrator’s prototype
  6. 6. Wedding Dress Fantasy Scope Shift Administrator Shopper
  7. 7. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research Survey Responses So much data
  8. 8. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research Personal Identity Browsing and Shopping ! the large majority of women planned to spend $2000 and below on their wedding dress. Price was also a defining point in the shopping experience for most women. ! 30 of 30 users utilized a PC to browse while almost ½ of the responses claimed to also use tablets. Only 3 people used their phones. ! most women preferred to buy a specific wedding dress for its style and quality ! Dress design criteria such as silhouette, length, sleeve, and neckline were also very important according to our data ! Every woman we interviewed had gone through the process of finding dresses on Pinterest or Google. ! Most women identified with having a simple yet elegant style ! Wedding date, season, and venue seemed to be rather important to most women !
  9. 9. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research
  10. 10. Wedding Dress Fantasy Personas Gia Gia has had an idea of a dream wedding including the ideal dress, long before she found her ideal man. Gia is currently looking to Pinterest and wedding magazines via her tablet and PC hoping to find a dress that will match her taste. She knows she wants a red dress and has a clear vision of what it looks like. Now she just needs to find it “out in the wild.” Drivers: “I know what I want. Well…I know it when I see it.” “A wedding dress is supposed to represent my spirit and emphasize the importance of my big day." Concerns: “Finding the right dress that matches my my vision.” Money Matters: Gia is a a successful digital designer. She prefers quality and is capable and willing to pay for it. When shopping, she seeks out the best of the best and often pays for goods and services online. Tech Life: Gia owns several Apple products including iPhone, iPad, and two 27-inch desktop computers. She is very comfortable shopping online, yet does enjoy the brick and mortar exeperience as well. She has been looking to Pinterest via all platforms in hopes of discovering the right dress or designer.
  11. 11. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research Having this as a search bar might help navigation flow The store’s strong online presence could be reinforced more The categories could be renamed or consolidated to assist in filtering through items The large amount of text makes great site features less noticeable Overall appearance of site does not match the brick and mortar presence of her store.
  12. 12. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research Useful information could be placed more prominently. The color customization is an awesome feature, so it might be good for the business to make this more prominent The reviews are great, so they should be celebrated more heavily The double footer could be combined as one thing
  13. 13. Wedding Dress Fantasy Research The help page could possibly be placed somewhere else. Although informative, the connotation associated with “help,” and with it being in such a prominent place creates a sense of unease and instability.
  14. 14. Wedding Dress Fantasy Iteration
  15. 15. Wedding Dress Fantasy Iteration Ideas Flying to MOSCOW
  16. 16. Wedding Dress Fantasy Iteration
  17. 17. Wedding Dress Fantasy Iteration of concept model
  18. 18. Wedding Dress Fantasy Prototype http:/ /
  19. 19. thank you