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Project 1 presentation (1)

  1. 1. THE WARMTH RADAR Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013. Design by: Michael Iseri
  2. 2. The Warmth Radar About the product: The Warmth Radar is a mobile shopping application for Phoebe Yang, who is always cold and always loves to snuggle up in her bed. The Warmth Radar is unique in that it’s primary focus is to sort available blankets through their warmth factor before anything else. About the project: This project was intended to solve an issue that Phoebe may have after interviewing her. The constraint was that this app is intended for mobile devices.
  3. 3. The Warmth Radar Prototype Home Screen Products Detail Screen
  4. 4. The Warmth Radar Method: We conducted short interviews with our partner about their lifestyle, technology, money, and online behavior and then mapped out concepts we drew from that. Findings: Phoebe like simple things. She brings jackets with her everywhere because she’s always cold. She spends a lot of spare time on her laptop or reading in bed. One of the first things she does when she gets home is wrap herself up in a blanket to get warm again. Opportunities: People who love to spend time in bed Anyone looking for a new blanket People who enjoy simple layouts Cold people
  5. 5. The Warmth Radar Design Hypothesis Method: Asked multiple users to try and use the app and say what they found too be too confusing or overbearing. Findings: Warmth was difficult to quantify Too many pop-ups during tutorial Too many check boxes Over categorizing Opportunities: Difficulty filling out small boxes and too many boxes should be changed. Ease of access may attract new customers.
  6. 6. The Warmth Radar Prototype Method: Created a prototype using the Prototype on Paper (POP) mobile application. Experiences: Test the first-run experience See how warmth is ranked Identifying search and home button functionalities Sorting and categorizing blankets Adding items to bag Purchasing
  7. 7. The Warmth Radar Testing the prototype Warmth factor now quantified Skippable explanation of how warmth is rated No pop-up tutorials Categories now sorted through drop downs rather than small boxes Easy to spot bottom navigation bar
  8. 8. The Warmth Radar What I learned: Don’t over categorize Look at multiple approaches Refine, refine, refine
  9. 9. The Warmth Radar Thank You Michael Iseri