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Tda50 g quick start packages


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Tda50 g quick start packages

  1. 1. NEW! KX-TDA50G PackagesEnhanced Communications SolutionsThe reliable, scalable and affordablecommunications solution for small businessesjust got better! NEW!Panasonic now offers convenient and attractively priced starter Quick Start TDA Packagespackages to help you get started quickly with a new business phone from Panason icsystem and leading features such as our DECT wireless solutions. Panasonic KX-TDA50G Packages The TDA50G packages are ideal for small businesses like yours. And now our highly reliable business phone system is available at special savings through new factory packages that allow you to realize the benefits of mobility with our DECT wireless technology, to scale and expand as your business grows, and to save money on your phone bill with support for SIP trunking*. The system can be configured to support up to 48 extensions maximum and has built-in caller ID capability. Reliable, Scalable, Affordable Panasonic TDA50G packages are ideal for businesses who are looking for an affordable and flexible phone system that will grow as they grow. They provide reliable voice and data communications, voice mail, and wireless capability to stay connected to remote and mobile colleagues. With DECT wireless you can easily stay connected while you are away from your desk as well as transfer calls to and from your desk phone from your wireless phone. You stay connected so you don’t miss an important call. *SIP trunking service offered by telephone service providers. Consult Panasonic or your local dealer for compatibility.
  2. 2. KX-TDA50G Packages NEW! Quick StartSubstantial Savings Available! TDA Packages from Panason icAsk Your Panasonic BTS Dealer For Details Package No. 1 Package No. 2 Package No. 3 Package No. 4 KX-TDA50D3 KX-TDA50D3V KX-TDA50D1W KX-TDA50D2VWKX-TDA50G 1 Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit 1 UnitControl UnitKX-T0155DECT 2 Channel 1 Unit 1 UnitCell Station (1-DPT Port)KX-TD7685DECT Wireless Phone 1 Unit 1 Unit(Standard Model)KX-DT333-BBlack Digital Phone 3 Units 1 Unit(3 Line LCD, 24-CO Keys)KX-DT343-BBlack Digital Phone(3 Line LCD w/Backlight, 3 Units 2 Units24-CO Keys)KX-TVA50Voice Mail(Initial config: 2 Ports/4h, 1 Unit 1 UnitMax config: 6 Ports/8h) COMPANY NAME 123 Everywhere Avenue, City, State, Zip Code Phone: 000.000.0000 • Fax: 000.000.0000 Website • Email AddressPSNA | Panasonic System Networks Company of America Unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America