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Isc digital marketingcredential_2010

  1. 1. ISC Corp team has been successfully serving multi- national clients in North America, Europe, Australia and Indochina. ISC Corp does believe that IT solution and Digital Marketing certainly and efficiently benefit your business in a very cost-effective manner. Our qualified consultants with strong expertise, experiences and profound understanding in IT & Internet businesses and marketing will ensure successful partnership.
  2. 2. ISC Corp: Concept & Consulting Yuranga: FIBO: Software & Design SMS Service Production Team Provider (joint venture with ISC) (strategic partner of ISC)
  3. 3. Australia 58 Auburn st Wollongong, NSW 2500 Vietnam Concept Team Tel: 1300 78 58 07 Fax: 1300 78 58 09 Address: 70 Dao Duy Anh st, Phu Nhuan 10, HCMC Vietnam Tel: +84-8-22002243 Fax: +84-8- 39979833 Vietnam Production Team Address: 213 Nguyen Tieu La st, Dist 10, HCMC Vietnam Tel: +84-8-39574324 Fax: +84-8-39574324
  4. 4. Vietnam Team 12 software developers 2 concept directors 4 graphic designers & 3D & flash animations 2 Project Managers 1 Operation Director 1 Business Director Australian Team 3 account managers 4 sales & marketing 2 IT & Support 1 managing director
  6. 6. We develop systems for your marketing solution WEB DEVELOPMENT • Web Design, Flash, eCommerce, CRM , Forum… • Online Systems for Marketing Campaign, e.g. • Online Catalog, Digital Brochure, Interactive Flyer… MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT • Mobile Games, Coupon Distributor, Mobile Tagging.. INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING • Flash Games, Interactive Banner, Rich Media…
  7. 7. Our strong team will drive your business successfully in digital era. IT & INTERNET SOLUTION CONSULTING • For Enterprises, e.g. e-payment, ecommerce, banking, hospitality… NETWORK & INFORMATION SYSTEM • Network & Information System consulting for Enterprise or Business Establishment DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTING • Digital Marketing to support new product launch, • Customer care campaign, services center…
  8. 8. We are real partner in Digital marketing ONLINE MEDIA PLANNING & BOOKING • Web Banner, In-text Ads, Rich Media, • Flash Games, Ad-Network… EMAIL MARKETING & SMS BLAST • Use Email & SMS to activate & convert, or retain your valuable customers with very low cost SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) • Drive traffic to your website from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo…via SEM, Ad Words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… ONLINE SEEDING • Marketing on Web 2.0 Techniques, Blog, Forum, Social Network… by seeding the PR contents, audios, videos on these communities and initiate viral marketing
  9. 9. • Viral Marketing • Online PR • Email Marketing • Online Booking • SEO/SEM & Analytics • Online Advertising • Social Media • Online Event Marketing • Technology Services • Mobile Marketing • Rich Media / 3D Animation Design
  10. 10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Viral marketing Interactive Email Advertising marketing Affiliate marketing Advertising Social & Promoting Marketing
  11. 11. This is the MOST EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE PR approach in MULTI MEDIA FORMAT and FLEXIBLE PR online via FORUM, SOCIAL NETWORK, DEMOGRAPHY SEGEMENTATION CROWD SOURCING, SOCIAL BOOK- MARKING, SOCIAL FILTERING, BLOGS AND MICRO-BLOGS… by seeding the PR contents, audios, videos on these communities and initiate viral marketing & word-of mouth.
  12. 12. Acting Customers to share the values and messages of the BRAND
  13. 13. Share-of-life message creates WORD-Of-MOUTH effect
  14. 14. Share of voice then Share of life
  15. 15. Rapid Beer Community Development in 3 months for Zorok & Miller beer brands (SABMiller Vietnam). • Impressive rich media with animations & flash games • The integrated online marketing activities drive traffic to the site with web banner, email marketing, in-text ads, online seeding, displaying advertising, SEM/SEO, interactive advertising… • Rapidly developed beer-lover community: 230.000th international rank and 1.000th rank in Vietnam. • Apprx. 8000 registered members
  16. 16. Interactive advertising attracts audience with Rich Media effects, Flash games, Mobile games or Interactive banners.
  17. 17.  ISC Corp provides advanced on-page and off- page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to constantly drive traffic from Search Engine like, to your website when users search for relevant keywords.  Our SEO experts work together with marketing consultants to optimize keywords in appropriate to your marketing target.
  18. 18. 1. Keep customers in touch with our InTouch email marketing solution: 1. 1. Filter your customer‘s information by age, sex, income, loyalty.. 2. 2. Do email marketing campaigns with lowest cost 3. 3. Receive campaign results by powerful report tools: delivered, bounced, open, unread, complaints 4. 4. ZERO SPAM DELIVERY Availability of 400.000 email addresses of users in Vietnam with detailed demographic data
  19. 19. 1. 1. Do SMS marketing campaigns with lowest cost 2. 2. Manage your customer‘s information by age, sex, income, loyalty.. 1. 99.99% reach of target group 3. 3. High acceptance of mobile marketing 4. 4. Send out coupons, download links for ringtones/wallpapers etc., 1. send out news/ product updates to generate new sales 5. 5. Detailed real-time reporting 6. 6. Integrate with Email marketing solution and SMS marketing 1. solution to have one unique and supreme digital marketing 2. weapon to attack the market Availability of 1.000.000 subscribed cell phone numbers in HCMC
  20. 20. ALL-IN-ONE digital brochure and Virtual Tour for real estate companies to go online 24/7 on Internet and Mobile (3G) Watch full demo version at YouTube: • Digital Brochure • Virtual Tour Video
  21. 21. • Click to Dial – a button / image on your website that when clicked will generate a phone call from the user’s computer to a nominated phone number in your office / store. • Proactive Client Interaction – monitor in real time the users on your website. When a user loads a ‘watched’ page, one or more people in your organization receive a notification on their computer and can initiate a ‘chat’ with the user. The user sees a notification on their screen that is the web version of a sales person saying ‘Can I help you?’ • Front of Site Video – this is a new technique to put video ‘in front’ of the website.
  22. 22. Add : 2th Floor, 70 Dao Duy Anh St, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC, Vietnam Tel: +84.8.2202243 Fax: +84.8.39979833 Email: Web: