iScan Online Legal Solutions Brief


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Don't become another data breach victim. Identify unprotected sensitive data at rest for laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones, simple and fast.

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iScan Online Legal Solutions Brief

  1. 1. M O B I L E & P C S E C U R I T Y Identify  unprotected  confidential  client   data  on  computers  and  mobile  devices. The  estimated  annual  loss  of  revenue  due   to  theft  of  intellectual  property  is  Over   $3  Billion.     Source:  The  IP  Commission  Report  2013 L A W Y E R S O N - T H E - G O Mobility  has  changed  the  landscape  at  law  firms    and  how  client  data  is  accessed.  Today,  this  legal  data   resides  on  computers,  smartphones  and  tablets  making  sensitive  case  information  readily  available  for   the  lawyer  at  court,  in  the  office  and  on-­‐the-­‐go.   Furthermore,   the   adoption   of   BYOD   and   cloud   sharing   technologies   create   a   number   of   security   concerns   for   legal   IT   administrators.   Although   one   out   of   twenty   smart   devices   are   reported   lost   or   stolen,   the   risks   and   liabilities   are   far   greater   when   these   devices   contain   unencrypted   data   such   as   intellectual  property,  pending  litigation,  and  PII  -­‐   personal  identifiable  information.  Hackers  need  only   one  compromised  device  or  file  to  wreak  havoc,  creating  unnecessary  liabilities  for  a  law  firm.     Now   the   good   news.   iScan   Online   recognizes   these   security   challenges   by   providing   legal   IT   the   industry’s   first   mobile,   PC   and   BYOD   security   scanning   solution,   identifying   such   unprotected   data   at   rest,  mitigating  data  breaches  from  a  potential  security  incident.  In  response  to  the  increasing  number   of   stolen   and   lost   devices,   iScan   Online   provides   mobile   security   and   management,   providing   administrators  and  attorneys  the  capability  to  remotely  scan,  lock,  locate  and  wipe  these  devices. SCAN LOCK LOCATE WIPE
  2. 2. L E G A L S E C U R I T Y S O L U T I O N S iScan  Online,  2013’s  security  industry  innovator  of  the  year,  prevents  your  firm  from  becoming  a  victim   of  data  breaches  by  scanning  to  uncover  the  lurking  threats  for  mobile  and  computing  endpoints,. THE DATA BREACH STORM The   number   of   data   breaches   and   security   incidents   continue   to   rise,   with   industry   regulations   pushing   for   transparency.   All   signs   are   pointing   to   2014   being   a   critical   year   for   legal   firms   to   prevent   becoming   yet   another   headline.   Over   the   past   decade   we   have   experienced   an   explosion  of  incidents  affecting  all  sizes  of  firms.   The  end  of  last  year  showed  no  signs  of  slowing   down  and  is  becoming  what  we  call  ‘The  Perfect   Storm  of  Data  Breaches’.   It’s   more   than   just   a   stolen   or   lost   device   contributing  to  this  storm.  It  is  the  Cyber  Attack   Threat   Pillars   that   need   to   be   identified   and   remediated   in   order   to   safeguard   both   the   employee  and  client  data.     CYBER ATTACK THREAT PILLARS I.   Vulnerable   operating   systems   can   lead   to   root   access   to   the   device   permitting   a   hacker   to   compromise  its  entirety.     II.   Vulnerable   applications   that   are   not   updated,   provide   backdoors,   most   notably   resulting   in   data  leakage.  e.g.  Snapchat  vulnerability.   III.   Configurations   are   improper   device   security   settings   that   aid   in   the   cause   of   device/data   access.   e.g.   Lack   of   onscreen   passwords,   jailbroken   devices,   or   encryption   disabled   are   the   p erfect   example,   especia lly   when   a   misplaced   device   is   picked   up   and   accessed   by   prying  eyes.   IV.   Confidential   PII   data   that   is   unencrypted.   Most   common   data   breaches   making   the   news   are   tied   to   social   security   and   credit   card   numbers.   ISCAN RESPONDS TO THREAT PILLARS iScan   Online   specializes   in   the   identification   of   these   Cyber   Attack   Threat   Pillars,   exposing   the   security   posture   and   data   at   risk   without   a   doubt.     Here   at   iScan,   we   call   this   Data   Discovery   and   Vulnerability   Scanning.   What’s   unique   is   the   fact   that   we   can   do   this   without   requiring   hardware   or   complex   software   and   provide   healthcare   organizations   to   know   exactly   what   data  is  at  risk  within  minutes.   PII DISCOVERY SCAN Scanning   your   computer   and   mobile   devices,   immediately   uncovers   unprotected   data.   We   i n c l u d e   p re -­‐ d e f i n e d   p o p u l a r   d a t a   t y p e s   discovering   credit   card,   drivers   license,   social   security   numbers   and   more.   You   can   also   add   your   own   sensitive   data   patterns   such   as   pending  litigation  information  and  trade  secrets.   MOBILE - EYE OF THE STORM Mobile   risks   include   traditional   vulnerabilities   a n d   u n p ro t e c t e d   s e n s i t ive   d a t a   j u s t   a s   traditional   computers   do.   In   fact,   smart   devices   present   new   dangers   that   one   might   not   have   previously   anticipated.   Avoid   the   perfect   storm   by  getting  started  with  iScan  Online  today.   How   important   is   it   for   you   to   know   what   u n p r o t e c t e d   d a t a   i s   a t   r i s k   o n   yo u r   computers,  laptops  and  mobile  devices? iScan Online, Inc.! 5600 Tennyson Pkwy, #380! Plano, TX 75024! 214-276-1150! 1 1. SC Magazine awards iScan Online Industry Innovator of the Year - 2013