ISBR Bangalore- Graduating Future Leaders


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ISBR believes in imparting world class education in the competitive field of management.

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ISBR Bangalore- Graduating Future Leaders

  1. 1. ISBR Bangalore- Graduating future leadersISBR believes in imparting world class education in the competitive field of management.Besides the traditional professions of Medicine and Engineering, a young aspiring individual can nowaccomplish thriving careers in varied other fields. These industries are both skill-based and knowledge –based. Where the sectors of Information technology and Graphic Designing demand an academicacumen, creative fields like Media and Advertising purely run on skill and talent of theprofessional.Management fields have emerged as a popular choice of study for the ambitious youth.This rapidly augmenting industry not only offers immense professional success, but also helps innurturing confident and independent personalities capable of meeting the growing demands of ever-evolving industries.One can pursue learning in management at both graduate and post graduate levels. Wherein BBAcourses impart the basic understanding of management concepts and theorems, MBA programs focuson enhancing the skills and knowledge of students thus, making them efficient and competentprofessional of tomorrow. The number of students wanting to pursue management careers is increasingwith every passing year. As a result, several B- Schools have been established across the globe. Indiahouses some of the most renowned management college of the world. ISBR being one of them.ISBR BangaloreLife at ISBR offers comprehensive learning amongst robust infrastructure. The enriching surroundingsfully support the institute’s purpose nurturing amateur talent into competent business leaders oftomorrow. With campuses in Chennai and Bangalore, the institute missions to spreads its wings acrossthe country. Located in the heart of Bangalore city, ISBR Bangalore strives to offer real learning in thereal world. The campus is situated amongst a huge industrial base. With numerous large and small scaleindustries flourishing around the surroundings, students are provided with a comprehensiveprofessional atmosphere for learning. The college shares its purpose of serving towards the bettermentof the society with Bangalore Educational Trust under the aegis of which the institute functions.
  2. 2. The focus of training at ISBR Bangalore goes beyond than just strengthening the understanding ofacademic concepts. Here, the emphasis is on the overall development of students. The pedagogy of thecurriculum is specially designed to provide value based learning in students and nurture them into skillsand professionally competent personalities. ISBR aims at making leaders of tomorrow. The professionalatmosphere of learning at the campus is best to help students harness their skills and abilities toaccomplish success in the corporate world. The infrastructure is specially designed to groomprofessional experts of the future.Strong buildings of granite surrounded by a canopy of trees and lush gardens constitute the outer of thecampus, while spacious conference halls, air-conditioned class rooms, fully-equipped auditoriums and aworld class health club are all a part of the robust interiors of the institute. Driven by a passion to exceland an ambition to impart world class education, ISBR Bangalore ranks high on the list of best B- Schoolsin India. Opportunities for learning, growing and achieving exist everywhere at ISBR. So be aleader…Acquire enriching education from ISBR.