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ISB Family Business Management & ISB Scholarships


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ISB Family Business Management is a very important program for those students, who want to run their family business efficiently and successfully. Read More -

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ISB Family Business Management & ISB Scholarships

  1. 1. ISB Family Business Management: Very useful program for the students Welcome
  2. 2. In today’s time, family business makes a high percentage of business. So, it has become an impetus for the economical growth. This has given rise to strengthening of agenda for family business. ISB is one such business school that has recently launched family business management program, which is meant to make a family business run successfully. Moreover, ISB Family Business Management is a platform that helps the students in building a relationship with family business so that they are able to carry out more research on the subject.
  3. 3. ISB is known to be one of the best business schools in the continent of Asia. Since ISB admissions are very tough, it is one of the most cherished dreams of the students to enrol themselves for the various programs offered by ISB. Various programs offered by the school include PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management), EEO (Early Entry Option), YLP (Young Leaders Program), MFAB (Management Program for Family Business) and PGPMAX (Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives). Among these programs, Management Program for Family Business is the latest one launched by the school. The admission criterion includes the three stages – academy, leadership and Interview. Regardless of the category the students come under, they are judged on these three aspects. Academy covers undergraduate performance and MBA entrance exams such as GMAT. In view of leadership qualities, the students are gauged on professional accomplishments along with what they have done for extracurricular activities. Last, but not the least is the final stage – interview – during which they are evaluated with regard to the facts and figures that they have submitted and their impressive personality.
  4. 4. Quite similar to other prestigious institutions, ISB does not back out from offering scholarships to the talented and meritorious students. If you are one of those meritorious students, then you can easily avail anyone of the programs with ISB Scholarships. Indubitably, the various programs of ISB are very costly and if you are so much financially strong then you may not be able to realize your dream of seeking admission to this prestigious business school. But, with you merit and talent you can avail the scholarship to purse the program of your choice. When it comes to MFAB, it is a management program for family business. It is a fifteen month program, which is meant to fulfil the needs of those students, who are involved in their own family business management. The different areas that this program encompasses include marketing, operations, basic finance and accounting.
  5. 5. Briefly, ISB Family Business Management is a very useful program for the family business. This specialized course helps the students in acquiring the required skills, which are necessary for tackling of various aspects of the business in an efficient and successful manner. This program may appear a novelty at first sight for the students. But, in fact, it is really a boon for their family business. Through this, they become capable enough to keep in abreast with the altering business environment of the world.
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