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Rovi Cloud Services

Rovi Cloud Services is a suite of web-based solutions that can help online, mobile and application developers - as well as CE manufacturers and service providers - quickly build innovative new products, services and applications for the connected consumer. With Rovi Cloud Services, you can provide a unique and compelling experience and deliver it across multiple platforms and devices. Rovi Cloud Services currently includes advertising, data, management, media recognition, recommendations and search.

Designed for Entertainment Applications

* Allow consumers to discover content with sophisticated recommendations, search and entertainment metadata
* Enhance the user experience with robust media recognition capabilities and deep information about music, movies, TV shows, celebrities and more
* Innovate by creating unique entertainment applications, content and services accessible on multiple devices and platforms
* Monetize connected offerings and promote products and services with advertising capabilities and sponsored search and recommendations

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Rovi cloud services_overview_us_mar2011_final

  1. 1. overview Rovi Cloud Services Entertainment web services that allow consumers to discover, manage and enjoy digital content on multiple platforms and devices entertainment applications, Consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to enjoying content and services entertainment anytime, anywhere. Want to watch your favorite TV show? for multiple devices and Grab your bag and pick up your phone. Looking for the latest music video on platforms YouTube? Turn on your TV and point your remote. Hoping for a Hollywood hit this evening? Power up your favorite gaming machine and let the discover new content streaming begin... to drive sales and consumption As our world becomes more connected to the internet, content and services that were once device-dependent are now readily accessible on multiple screens. By the year 2020, there could be up to 16 billion connected devices experience with rich entertainment information with an average of nearly 6 devices for every person on the planet. (Source: about music, movies, TV McKinsey Quarterly, 2010, Number 2, The Internet of Things) shows, celebrities and more To compete in this “always-on,” connected world, CE manufacturers, service providers, and online, mobile and application developers will need to quickly offerings with advertising capabilities and build products and services that provide consumers with up-to-the-minute, sponsored search and accurate information and content, as well as a consistent user experience. recommendations Rovi Cloud Services, our entertainment web services offering, can help you do just that—as well as differentiate your products, speed time- to-market and drive sales and consumption, in a exible, scalable way like never before. Rovi Cloud Services’ recommendations, search, data, advertising, media recognition and management solutions allow consumers to discover, manage and enjoy content and applications on multiple platforms and devices. They can help you bring products and services to market faster—from entertainment applications to stores and portals—as well as maintain up-to-date content to help ensure your Rovi customer keeps coming back. Cloud Services Using Rovi Cloud Services, you can also add content and features on the y without investing in new infrastructure or licensing new software. And, you have the ability to easily extend your existing capabilities as needed, and as soon as you need them.
  2. 2. Rovi Cloud Services ComponentsRovi Advertising Servicecreate recurring revenue streams by integrating living room displayadvertising into devices such as TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles.The service provides engaging, relevant ads that appeal to consumers,including interactive banners, menu enhancements, wraps and skins, andvideo microsites with retail and social networking tie-ins. And with Rovi,the advertising ecosystem is managed for you—from sales and campaignmanagement to traf cking, measurement, and more.Rovi Data ServiceIn addition to providing one of the world’s largest and mostcomprehensive catalogs of entertainment metadata, Rovi Data Servicegives you instant access to its content, enabling fast integration ofinformation on music, movies, TV shows, celebrities and more, with yourentertainment offerings. With our hosted infrastructure, content remainsfresh as new data is consistently updated.Rovi Media Recognition ServiceWith Rovi Media Recognition Service, advanced identi cation tools andextensive entertainment metadata combine to enable consumers tomore easily nd content. Sophisticated ngerprinting technologies areused to nd digital media les, which are then tagged with rich data thatdescribes the content. Rovi Media Recognition Service makes it easier forconsumers to discover, search for and manage digital media.Recommendations, search, data,advertising, media recognition,management web services ...
  3. 3. Rovi Cloud Services ComponentsRovi Recommendations ServiceWith Rovi Recommendations Service, you can deliver powerful,intelligent recommendations that help consumers discover contenta wide variety of platforms. Developed with the digital environment inmind, Rovi Recommendations Service is available in two packages.The Essential Recommendations package gives you the exibility tointegrate the fundamentals, such as item-based, ltered and popularrecommendations. The Advanced Recommendations package providesmore sophisticated recommendations, like editorial and sponsoredsuggestions, to further enhance discovery.Rovi Search ServiceWhile most search technologies provide basic results based on similaralgorithms, Rovi Search Service blends multiple algorithms and datasets to provide the most accurate and relevant results possible. Withcovering multiple variables, including user preferences, Rovi providesbetter search and discovery interactions and makes it easier forconsumers to navigate, sort, select, and share digital content.Rovi Management ServicesRovi Management Services help you put it all together. With pro le,device and event management services, as well as reporting andanalytics capabilities, you can increase consumer enjoyment by providinga consistent user experience across devices and platforms.... for multiple platforms anddevices -- quickly and easily.
  4. 4. Entertainment web services that allow consumers to discover, manageand enjoy digital content on multiple platforms and devicesAbout Rovi Cloud ServicesRovi Cloud Services helps CE manufacturers, service providers and developers create differentiated entertainmentdiscovery products using an extensive suite of web-based solutions designed for media applications. A robust,scalable platform, Rovi Cloud Services offers high performance and dependability, and the exibility to support arange of platforms and devices. Rovi Cloud Services components are hosted in redundant data centers in multiplelocations around the world, and they support millions of devices and applications developed by Rovi and ourcustomers. Key to our infrastructure and architecture: Redundant servers, including data centers in West and Central U.S., and in Europe High performance, distributed caching architecture for fast and ef cient data retrieval CDN-based hosting and delivery of rich media content Industry standard technologies that deliver scalability, security and operational reliabilityRovi. Join the entertainment.Rovi Corporation Rovi Europe Limited Rovi K.K. For more information, visitU.S. Headquarters Malvern House 2F, Marunouchi Trust 14-18 Bell Street Tower Main Maidenhead 1-8-3 Marunouchi,Santa Clara, CA Berkshire, SL6 1BR Chiyoda-ku95050 +44 1628 677 300 Tokyo 100-0005+1 408 562 8400 Japan +81 3 457 1500Copyright © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All rights reserved. Rovi and the Rovi logo are trademarks of Rovi Corporation.