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This is a step towards better customer experience

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Customer Experience Expert

  1. 1. - How to increase the customer experience
  2. 2. How many smartphones & tablets are there in Norway or in Europe?Source:
  3. 3. I bring you «The Expert app»Source:
  4. 4. Dashboard Log out My My profile receipts Will be provided with a My My Remember me auto-login-feature so orders offers LOG IN New customer? when you start the app, you will automatically come to the “dashboard” Net- My services shopSource picture iPhone:
  5. 5. My profile My profile• Name• Address• Postal code & address• Phone #• E-mail• My Expert store – Select the store thats closest to you• My credit cards – All info thats necessary to do purchases
  6. 6. My receipts My receipts• Categories – Appliances • 2010 • 2011 • 2012 • All receipts – Small electric appliances – Hi-Fi – TVs – Mobiles – Computers – My insurances
  7. 7. How is «my receipts» possible? Einar.haugen@mail.exp My receipts In Elguide: When purchased: • Register e-mail when register • An automated e-mail is sent to you’re customer you account as a PDF-format that cointains the receiptSource pictures:
  8. 8. Net- Net-shop shop NESPRESSO D120 CREAM ESPRESSO MASKIN Net- online 1.695,- shop TILBEHØR KJØP • Høytrykkspumpe - 19 bar • Melkesteamer • Kun Nespresso kaffekapsler • Vanntank 1 L • Enkel i bruk This have to be modified to fit phones/tabletsSource pictures: and
  9. 9. Net- Net-shop shop NESPRESSO D120 X 1 NESPRESSO D120 CREAM 1.695,- CREAM ESPRESSO MASKIN X 2 NESPRESSO D120 CREAM 3.390,- CARD#: *******3659 X 1 NESPRESSO D120 CREAM 1.695,- X 1 NESPRESSO D120 CREAM 1.695,- CVC *** online 1.695,- PASSW. ********** TILBEHØR KJØP • Høytrykkspumpe - 19 bar • Melkesteamer SUM 8.475,- • Kun Nespresso kaffekapsler • Vanntank 1 L • Enkel i bruk SHOP ERASE MORE NEXT CANCEL CONFIRM After confirming you can see your order in «my orders», and the procedure will be the same as the one when your buying from the internet-store. The products will be sent to your «expert store». When your order is at the store you will receive a notification. The password is the same that you use to log in with.Source pictures: and
  10. 10. My offers My offersFrom Expert Stores: From Expert:• Personal offers on • Ex: “This week we have products from a a special offer with salesman at a store 25% off on this• Show how long the vacuum-cleaner” offer is available • Based on segmentation• Etc. • Based on “My Expert store” from “My profile”
  11. 11. My services My services Ongoing Finished Todays solution Tomorrows solution www.serviceinfo.nuSource pictures:
  12. 12. My services My servicesOngoing: Finished:• Location (shop, repairshop, etc) • PDF-formats• More info • Use for complaints• What kind of repair • Easy for both customer &• Costs store• Etc. • Etc.When the product is back in the store or a decision is taken,you will receive a notification.
  13. 13. Summary Name: Ola Nordmann Address: Norgegata 44 Postal code & address: 4005 Stavanger Phone #: +47 12345678 E-mail: My Expert store Expert Bonus Straen My credit cards ******6456Source pictures:, and