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IceSpy Demo


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IceSpy Demo

  1. 1. IceSpy System5Wireless Monitoring & Alarm Solutions
  2. 2. Key FeaturesReliable Wireless MonitoringLive and Continuous DataFlexible Alarm Options (PC, text message, email, modem)Easy Data Access and ReportingAssists Regulatory Compliance (HACCP, GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11)
  3. 3. Key Industries• Temperature monitoring is important to a wide variety of MHRA regulated areas, including: • Pharmaceutical Research • Pharmaceutical Manufacture • Pharmaceutical Distribution and Storage • Hospital Pharmacy • Hospital Pathology
  4. 4. How does IceSpy work?• Central to the system is a Base or BasePlus – This is the controller – The BasePlus model includes a screen to highlight alarms and scroll through and display sensor data.
  5. 5. How does IceSpy work?• Scout units are placed in each area to be monitored, or device i.e. fridge/freezer etc. – Multiple types are available, dependent on the requirement and the temperature range. – ScoutPlus units can range down to -80 degrees Celcius. – Humidity sensors are also available.• Calibration is also available at point of installation, and is available onsite or offsite in subsequent years.
  6. 6. How does IceSpy work?
  7. 7. System Overview• Sensors connect wirelessly, once per minute to the base station.• Once every 10 minutes, a PC or Server connects to the Base to download the data and save it to a database.• If there is an out-of-specification sensor, an alarm is triggered.
  8. 8. Software Overview• System5 View – Shows current system status – Shows sensor readings – Allows printing of reports / graphs – Allows configuration of settings and alarm limits – Graphs can be zoomed and scrolled
  9. 9. Software• IceSpy System5 is not a web-based system. Your database and system is held by you.• Several web-based systems are available, but with web- based systems the customer does not own their own data.• This means with IceSpy System5 you are not locked in to a subscription model, you own your database and sensors.• That said…
  10. 10.• We do offer a web based add-on to our systems.• Some customers like the features of web-based systems, such as off-site access and iPhone/Smartphone applications.• is a subscription service which allows remote access to data, and advanced reporting functionality, without compromising the ownership of data, which is always held on your own IT network.• This also allows Isatec Ltd to assist with remote support with any problems which you may have with the running of your system.
  11. 11. Demonstration http://sensilla.netUsername: hospitaldemo Password: <Provided>
  12. 12. Sensilla Remote View
  13. 13. Sensilla Historic Trends
  14. 14. Sensilla Archive
  15. 15. Sensilla Reports
  16. 16. ContactFor more information, or to arrange a no-obligation consultation visit, please contact: 01494 792602