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Oliver Twist


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Oliver Twist

  1. 1. Byjavier i.&pelayo
  2. 2. INDEX• Charles Dickens• About Oliver Twist• Characters• Plot• Time & place
  3. 3. Charles Dickens• He was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England.• His infancy happened in London and Kent, places describedfrequently in his works.• He learned stenography and the life managed to be gained withwhat he was writing.• He published by deliveries almost all his works.• He died on June 9, 1870 and was buried in the Westminster abbey.
  4. 4. About Oliver Twist• Oliver Twist was published between the years1837 and 1838.• His argument is the terrible and melodramatichistory of a boy.• There is a break with all the novels previous tothis one.• The environment remains reflected at all time.• The intention of the author is to show us theimportance of a society with a different culturalshadow.
  5. 5. Characters• Main characters– Oliver Twist– Mr. Bumble– Mr. Brownlow– Fagin– Bill Sikes– Nancy– Monks• Secondary characters– Mr. Sowerberry– Rose Maylie– Edward Leeford– Noah Claypole– Charlotte– Jack Dawkin– Charley Bates– Agnes Fleming
  6. 6. Plot• He is an orphan and he lived in a residence for orphankids. Here he did his famous action asking for more food.That made that the director wanted to give him to afamily. He is took by an undertaker but after a fightagainst an employer he decided to go away to London.In London he met Dodger and he introduced him to akids robbers gang. The master of the gang is an oldJewish called Fagin. During this part he lived thedelincuency, bad live …
  7. 7. • During a robbery, an old gentelman called Mr. Brownlow,takes him to his house. He is decided to look after Oliver.But a very dangerous criminal associated with the gang,Bill Sikes takes him again to the gang. The gentlemenannounced the kidnaping and the city is looking forSikes. After some adventures looking for Oliver, the finalscenes of the novel are the scaping of Sikes and Oliver.Accidentally and in front of a large number of people,Sikes is hanged himself liberating Oliver. Fagin is alsohunged because of all his crimes. After that Oliverreturns with the gentlemen, who is his new family.
  8. 8. Time & place• Time– The play takes place inthe mid-eighteenthcentury until the end ofthe nineteenth century.• Place– In the beginning, theplay takes place in thefield and later in thecity of London.