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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The homework-maker With the new homeworkmaker,forget to expend hours and hours doing boring homework.
  2. 2. Features It looks like a usual printer It has a slot where you put your exercises It has a microchip that understands what the exercises say, and makes a answer fot them It copies your hand witting, so that it looks like you’ve done it
  3. 3. Techlology It incorpores the new microchip AL-2222, which is able to read and understand 5000 words per second. Also, the the H324 copies your hand writting It has pen ink, instead of printer ink, so that it doesn’t look like a photocopy
  4. 4. Its design
  5. 5. PRIZEONLY 399,95$
  6. 6. PRIZEONLY 399,95$