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Cristobal & Manuel


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Published in: Education
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Cristobal & Manuel

  2. 2. SITUATION The IES Avelina Cerra is located in Ribadesella. Ribadesella is a small village in the north of Asturias. The IES is byRibadesellas beach, in Dionisio Ruisánchez Street.
  3. 3. HISTORY Dionisio Ruisánchez was married to Mrs Avelina Cerra Rosete and created the Ruisánchez Foundation together. On August 1st, 1952, they established the foundation that bears his name and whose statutes were approved by Ministerial Order of 25 September 1972. One goal of thisfoundation was her creation of a learning center in the town of Ribadesella. During 1967/68 the Free College Dionisio Ruisánchez wasinaugurated under the direction of D. Antonio lecturing in the first, second, third and fourth levels of the high school.
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTIONIn the IES there are three floors. On the ground floor are the heads office, the administration office, the caretakers room, the cafeteria, thegym, the library, technology classroom and two computer clasrooms.On the first floor are six normal classrooms, art classroom, four departments and three laboratories.On the second floor are ten normal classrooms, three departments, a music classroom and a computer classroom.
  5. 5. TIME SCHEDULE GENERAL TIME SCHEDULE OF THE CENTER From 8:05 pm. am to 20:30 pm. pm, except Friday, when the center closes at 14:05. SCHOOL TIMETABLEContinued from 8:05 pm. in the morning until 14:05 in the ESO and Bachillerato.. EVENING HOURS Planned activities within the Project "Move Ribadesella."Evaluation sessions. Meetings with families. Opening of the Library in the evenings. Meetings with families by the Guidance Department. Other activities requested to the Head. TEACHING TIME PER LESSON 55 minutes BREAKS Between the 2nd and 3rd hour (of 09:55 h. To 10:10 h.) And between the 4 th and 5 th hour (12:00 to 12: 15)
  6. 6. TEACHERS AND STUDENTSThere are 41 teachers and 300 students. option=com_content&task=view&id=206&Itemid=140
  7. 7. DEPARTMENTS AND SUBJECTS -Biology -Classical Languages -Economy -Physical Education -Philosophy -Physics and Chemistry -French -History -English -Spanish Language -Maths -Music -Guidance -Art -Religion -Technology
  8. 8. EXTRA-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES There are a lot extra-school activities by many departments every school year. There are many tournaments in the breaks and a study trip for fourth ofESO. For example this year, we have been to the Jurasic Museum and went to the cinema.
  9. 9. PICTURES IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR EXAMPLE: In the IESAvelina Cerra there are many pictures painted bythe students. KEITH HARRING ROMERO BRITTOThe art of Keith Harring and Romero Britto “thought-provoking” contemporary world through satire andcartoon.