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Bilgola Beach - Paloma

  1. 1. Paloma Cuesta Puerta 1ºBach BIL A
  2. 2. LOCATION Bilgola Beach, is a suburb called Bilgola Plateau located in the North-East of the centre of Sydney, in Australia.33°38′44″S 151°19′04″E
  3. 3. SOME CURIOSITIES  Bilgola is an Aboriginal word that means “swirling waters”.  Bilgola is between Newport (South) and Avalon and Clareville (North).  It was purchased in the 1870s by WB Dalley and he built a clapboard there, which was rebuilt in 1919 and it became a guests house.  Dalley’s son drowned at the beach while fishing.  Colonel Walter Oswald Watt, World War I aviator, also drowned there.  According to the last count, there are around 3,900 habitants at Bilgola Plateau.  Between 2005 and 2008 a TV series called “Blue Water High” was filmed there.
  4. 4. SAFETY Considering that we are talking about a beach, the only crime we should worry about is pick pocketing. But it barely exists there. The only safety problems we could have there, is in the water. It exists, of course, the probability of drowning. The Bilgola SLSC and the Bilgola Beach Lifeguards are there to avoid this probability.
  5. 5. SAFETY Surf life saving club in bilgola:
  6. 6. GETTING AROUND To get around this place, our best option is, a comfortable pair of shoes. Bilgola Beach is a Suburb, and the longest walk we can take, is one of four kilometers, and to do so, we would have to go from one side to the other of the suburb and go back. So we wouldn’t need a car. 1.9 kilometers around 20 minutes
  7. 7. SIGHTSEEING I’m feeling forced to remark the fact that this is one of the most amazing beaches you will ever visit, so be sure you go to every single tiny place around it, like those.
  8. 8. Also the sunsets are incredible and really romantic in this beautiful beach. You can sit in the sand with your loved one and watch the sun fade behind the waves SIGHTSEEING
  9. 9. And finally, as my personal suggestion, I recommend you to, if you have the possibility, to stay at the beach, relaxed, and watch the surfers, and why not? Try it! You can also go to the slsc, they have got plenty of activities to do. SIGHTSEEING
  10. 10. LOCAL CUSTOMS In this little village, there is no topic to avoid, and every single tip is welcome, but if you really want to fit in this place, forget every suit that is not a wetsuit or a swimsuit!
  11. 11. SHOPPING This is a very little village, not very popular for tourists, so they are not really interested in selling souvenir and that stuff, the best thing you can take back with you, is lots of photos and experiences.
  12. 12. Bilgola Beach Kiosk (Billies) You can’t leave Bilgola Beach without having dinner here. One of the most legendary restaurants of the surroundings.
  13. 13. BILGOLA BEACH The reason why I chose this place is because is one of my favourite places. Obviously, I have never been there, but is one of my life goals, visit Bilgola Beach. You may be wondering how I now about this place, well, the first time I saw it was in this TV show about surfer kids called Blue Water High, and I loved it.
  14. 14. Another reason is that, I've been surfing almost half of my life, and I love everything related to the ocean, and when I watched the show and saw the waves, and the blue water, I got hypnotized. I looked in the internet for the location of the show, but it didn’t appeared. BILGOLA BEACH
  15. 15. I found out the name of the place, thanks to an Australian Friend I made some years ago, she had been there, and she told me where this place was. The first thing I did when she told me, was look for it on the internet, and I fell even more in love with this place. BILGOLA BEACH
  16. 16. This is it, this is the best place in the world. At least for me.