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Avalon High - Cristina


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Published in: Education
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Avalon High - Cristina

  1. 1. AVALON HIGH By: Cristina Rodríguez Corujo
  2. 2. WHAT TYPE OF FILM IS IT? • It is an adventure/fantastic film
  3. 3. Actors/Stars • In this film appears Gregg Sulkin, Britt Robertson , Molly Quinn , Joey Pollari , Devon Graye , Steve Valentine , Craig Hall… • Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson are the main characters
  4. 4. SETTING / BACKGROUND • It take place in America , 2010.
  5. 5. PLOT / STORY • Allie is an exchange student at Avalon High. This time, she’ll keep in Avalon High 3 years. The first time that she went to Avalon she met Will. The most popular guy at Avalon High. When she goes to the classes she saw a boy called Marco that is the Will’s evil half-brother . Marco was annoying a boy called Miles. When they were in class the teacher Sr. Moore said to them that they have to do a work of the King Arthur’s history. Will must do Camelot’s sports, Jen (Will’s girlfriend) must do the Camelot’s Tragedy and Allie and Miles must do The Order Of The Bear. After Allie do a proof for the track team , she and Miles go to Allie’s house to do The Order Of The Bear work . While they do the work , Miles , feels pain and they were for ice for Miles. When they go to catch the ice , they ask Allie’s parents about The Order Of The Bear (Allie’s parents are teachers of medieval history). They said to them that The Order Of The Bear were a group of people that believe that one day King Arthur will reincarnate. Arthur will return when remove to the world of darkness. But the Arthur’s evil half-brother, Mordred, return too , to destroy the Arthur’s life and ensure the wins of darkness. After having sought some information, Miles return to his home. In the middle of the night , Allie woke up and she read again The Order Of The Bear , but this time she found a crown in a page and a draw of Avalon High. The next day , after have class with Sr. Moore , he asks Allie if she had found the information of The Order Of The Bear. Allie told him that results doubtful that there is a reincarnation of King Arthur. However , like Allie’s mother , Sr. Moore believe too that King Arthur will reincarnate. When Allie leave the classes , Miles asks her what want Sr. Moore. Allie told him that they were only talking about The Order Of The Bear. After the high school , Allie stumbles and she almost fall but fortunately she ends up on Will’s hands . She asks him what was he doing there and Will answer that he is running and thinking about his life. Will told her that everybody told he things about football and he can’t think about nothing else. Will supports that football is all for him , but now he feels a lot of pressure because everybody hope that he wins the match and a scholarship (without scholarship they not accept at university). Allie tries to calm him and she invites him to her house to eat hamburgers, and he accepts. The following day, Will made a party . Miles had a vision of Jen and Lance together , he told this to Allie , but she doesn’t believe he. But later Allie was looking for the bathroom but she found Jen and Lance together holding hands alone in a room. They saw her, but she ran away. Jen went to explain Allie that was happened. She told her that although she was dating with Will , she was in love with Lance. Jen tried to promise Allie that she not told Will that , but Allie leave the room before Jen can told her. Allie thought that Will was the reincarnate of King Arthur , and Marco was the reincarnate of Mordred. Allie’s parents told them (Allie and Miles) that the reincarnate of King Arthur was happened on the match’s night. When match’s day arrived , Will discover the secret relationship between Lance and Jen. He went into the his car and he tried to go far away because he felt bad. Allie tried to stop and told he that he is the reincarnate of King Arthur and se convinced that he returns to the match. Allie return to the wardrobe but she didn’t find he there. Miles said that he saw Will in a vision and he told Allie that Will was in the theater of the high school. Once there, they saw Will on the floor , and they through that , Marco was push Will , but Will said that it wasn’t Marco , that was Sr. Moore, their teacher.
  6. 6. CLIMAX · In the end Sr. Moore said that he is Mordred and he must destroy King Arthur , and he tried to kill them. Marco push Sr. Moore. Allie didn’t understand why Sr. Moore is Mordred . But Marco explain it to her. While Sr. Moore used his stick to push Marco and Will, Allie remove from a fake stone a toy sword, while she catch the sword , it becomes real , this means that Allie is the reincarnated of King Arthur and she fought with Sr. Moore ( Mordred ) . After win the battle , the sword becomes again in a toy sword. At the end Sr. Moore was taken by police. Before return to the match Marco gave thanks to Allie. Finally Avalon High won the match , Will and Allie kissed , Lance and Jen end up embracing , and Milles get the girl he like .
  8. 8. MY OPINION • I like this movie because it is very interesting and entertaining.