Aida C. & Aida V.


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Aida C. & Aida V.

  1. 1. Our high schoolby Aida Cangas Buenaga and Aida de la Vega Alloza
  2. 2. IES Avelina Cerra Our high school is in Ribadesella, a little town in the North of Asturias (Spain). It’s a very small school, there are around 252 students. High School.
  3. 3. About our high school We start lessons at five past eight and finish at five past two. Each day we have six different lessons. We have many different subjects: Art, Maths, English, History, Spanish language and literature, Technology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, French, Computer, Music, Latin…
  4. 4.  Thisschool makes very funny activities when the term finishes, at the end of the first term, it always makes a “Christmas Festival”, at the end of the second there are two days of “Cultural Days” and at the end of the third, there are movies and games. It organises a lot of trips too.
  5. 5. Christmas FestivalAida de la Vega Aida Cangas Part of the students during the festival. All the photos are of the last festival.
  6. 6. School tripsWe go on trip at least two times a term, but in eachtrip only are one or two class. We go to cinemafestivals, go hiking, …
  7. 7. Cultural daysIn these days we do much interesting activities.
  8. 8. Playground Art class . h school of our hig hotog raphs P Gym New technology class