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  1. 1. Service descriptionInstallation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Libraryor AutoloaderIntroduction to your service agreementThis service provides for the installation of a single Dell PowerVault tape storage autoloader or libraryenclosure (the “Supported Product” or “Supported Products”) into a storage area network (“SAN”) ordirect attached storage (“DAS”) environment as set forth more specifically in this Service Description(the “Service” or “Services”). This Service includes configuration of the library for up to sixteen hostsystems to properly communicate and transfer data to all of the Supported Product’s devices.This Service will be provided during the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm, Customer local time, Mondaythrough Friday, excluding holidays, unless other arrangements have been made through the Dell salesteam and the project manager.This Service Description ("Service Description") is entered among you the customer ("you" or"Customer") and the Dell entity identified on your invoice for the purchase of this Service. This Serviceis provided in connection with Customers separate signed master services agreement with Dell thatexplicitly authorizes the sale of this Service (as defined below) or, in the absence of such agreement,Dells terms of sale applicable to commercial customers, which is available at or yourlocal website and incorporated by reference in its entirety herein.By placing your order for the Services, utilizing the Services or associated software, or byclicking/checking the "I Agree" button or box on the website in connection with yourpurchase or within a Dell software interface you agree to be bound by this Service Description and theagreements incorporated by reference herein. If you are entering this Service Description on behalf ofa company or other legal entity you represent that you have authority to bind such entity to thisService Description, which case "you" or "Customer" shall refer to such entity.Service expires 1 year after purchase. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT APPLICABLE LAW REQUIRESOTHERWISE, YOU MAY USE THIS SERVICE ONE TIME DURING THE 1 YEAR PERIOD FOLLOWING THEDATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE ("EXPIRATION DATE"). THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE DATE IS DEFINEDAS THE EARLIER OF THE DATE OF THE INVOICE FOR THE SERVICE OR ORDER CONFIRMATIONFROM DELL. DELLS DELIVERY OF THE SERVICE WILL BE DEEMED SATISFIED AFTER THEEXPIRATION DATE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT USE THE SERVICE.1 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  2. 2. The scope of your Service agreementService SKUsSee Appendix AThe key Service steps include• Design: 1. Review and obtain the site technical requirements with the Customer. 2. Verify that the existing environment meets the minimum hardware and software requirements. 3. Create a (or modify an existing) design: a. Define the Dell | EMC switch configurations. b. Define the specific autoloader/library configuration parameters, as supported by the autoloader/library.• Planning: 1. Review the site environmental and technical readiness requirements. 2. Confirm readiness review and installation dates and highlight stringent dependencies on complete Customer site readiness and product ship dates to meet the planned installation schedule. 3. Ensure that Customer reviews, accepts, and abides by the terms and conditions of this Service Description.• Installation and configuration: 1. Autoloader/library subsystem installation: a. Unpack and inspect all hardware prior to installation. b. Verify that the Customer has correct power outlets and sufficient physical space for installation. c. For rack installation: i. Mount any necessary rack related hardware such as rails, brackets and tray onto the rack. ii. Install power distribution unit(s) (“PDUs”) onto the rack, as needed for the proper power configuration of the autoloader/library. iii. Install and route power cables to the autoloader/library. d. For non-rack installation: i. Place the autoloader in close proximity to the host. ii. Connect power cables. e. Remove any interior packing/restraints from the autoloader/library. f. If a bridge/router was purchased with this Service, cable all library devices to the bridge, per the design. g. Cable the tape library to the Customer designated switches/servers as per the design. h. Power up the tape autoloader/library and ensure that there are no visible faults. i. Using the operator front panel, perform a self test. j. If a remote management feature is present: i. Cable the Ethernet port to the Customer’s network. ii. Using the front panel, configure the management parameters as per the design. k. Setup the library, according to instructions in the installation guide and design. l. If the email home feature is present: i. Configure the email settings. ii. Perform a test email to ensure proper connectivity through the Customer network.2 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  3. 3. 2. If attaching to a Dell | EMC SAN, configure the switch fabric(s) as per the design. 3. If on a non-Dell | EMC SAN, ensure that the Customer has made appropriate switch configurations. 4. Validate that the device manager on the hosts show the tape drives as functioning devices. 5. If a Wintel host is available, perform an I/O and robotics test to validate library and drive communications. 6. Remove all installation packaging to a Customer-designated area within the immediate installation location, or arrange with the Customer for Customer’s removal of it.• Product Awareness: 1. Conduct a brief product orientation session and review the associated documentation with the Customer. This overview does not replace any available Dell education courses for this product.• Project Closeout: 1. Provide documentation to reflect the Services performed. 2. Obtain Customer acknowledgment of the Services performed.Excluded Services• De-installation or re-installation of product(s) or application(s).• Network cabling or any other environmental or power related activities.• Any consulting activities, including, but not limited to, changes from default settings or application configurations.• Any activities relating to non-Dell or non-Dell | EMC hardware.• Attachment of the Supported Product to more than 16 hosts.• Installation or configuration of any optional hardware, such as IO blades, other than that specifically noted in this Service Description.• Any activities other than those specifically noted in this Service Description.Service specific Customer responsibilities• Physically place the Supported Product, along with all contents shipped with the unit, in the immediate area in which the library is to be installed.• Ensure that the required cables, ports and outlets, such as Ethernet, fibre channel (“FC”), SCSI, and/or AC power, are available for the installation of the Supported Product.• Provide technicians with safe and adequate access and work space for the installation and use of the Supported Product.• Ensure that the hosts being connected have the proper host bus adapters (“HBAs”) installed, functional and at the proper revision levels.• Make at least one technical contact, with the capability of configuring the SAN switches and/or HBAs on non-Dell | EMC SANs, available as a resource during the performance of this Service.• Dispose of the packaging and other debris.3 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  4. 4. Terms and conditions about your Service1 Supported products A Authority to grant access. Customer This Service is available on select Dell represents and warrants that it has OptiPlex™, Latitude™, Precision™, Vostro™, obtained permission for both Customer PowerEdge™, PowerEdge SC™, and Dell to access and use the Supported PowerVault™, PowerConnect™, Dell Product, the data on it, and all hardware EqualLogic™, Dell | EMC Storage Systems™ and software components included in it, and select Dell printers, which are purchased for the purpose of providing these Services. in a standard configuration. Supported If Customer does not already have that Products are added regularly so please permission, it is Customers responsibility contact your Dell sales representative to for to obtain it, at Customers expense, before the most up-to-date list of which Services Customer asks Dell to perform these are available on your Dell products. Services. Each Supported Product is tagged with a B Cooperate with phone analyst and on-site serial number (the "Service Tag"). A separate technician. Customer agrees to cooperate service agreement must be purchased by the with and follow the instructions given by Customer for each Supported Product. For Dell phone analyst and its on-site example, a printer purchased with a laptop technicians. Experience shows that most system is not covered by the laptop systems system problems and errors can be service contract: the printer and the laptop corrected over the phone as a result of will each need their own service contract. close cooperation between the user and Please refer to the Service Tag on your the analyst or technician. Supported Product when contacting Dell for C On-site obligations. Where Services this Service. require on-site performance, Customer2 Term of service must provide free, safe and sufficient access to Customers facilities and the A This Agreement commences on the date Supported Product(s). Sufficient access you place your order and continues includes ample working space, electricity, through the Term of Service. The "Term of and a local telephone line. A monitor or Service" begins on the purchase date and display, a mouse (or pointing device), and extends for the term indicated on the keyboard must also be provided (at no cost Order Form. The number of systems, to Dell), if the system does not already licenses, installations, deployments, include these items. managed end points or end-users for which Customer has purchased any one or D Maintain software and serviced releases. more Services (defined below), the rate or Customer must maintain software and price, and the applicable Term of Service Supported Product(s) at Dell-specified for each is indicated on Customers order minimum release levels or configurations form or other mutually-agreed upon form as specified on PowerLink for Dell | EMC of invoice, order acknowledgment or Storage or EqualLogic™, or as specified purchase order (collectively, "Order Form"). on for additional Purchases of Services under this Supported Products. Customer must also Agreement shall be solely for Customers ensure installation of remedial replacement own internal use and not for resale or parts, patches, software updates or service bureau purposes. subsequent releases as directed by Dell in3 Customer responsibilities4 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  5. 5. order to keep the Supported Product(s) Dell or Dells Service providers or is beyond eligible for this Service. the scope of Services. Dell is not liable for any failure or delay in performance due to E Data backup. Complete a backup of all any cause beyond its control. Service existing data and programs on all affected extends only to uses for which the systems prior to the delivery of this Service Supported Product was designed. by Dell. DELL WILL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR RECOVERY OF DATA OR C Optional services. Optional services PROGRAMS or loss of use of system(s) (including point-of-need support, arising out of this Service or related installation, consulting, managed, and support activities or any act or omission, professional, support or training services) including negligence, by Dell or a third- may be available for purchase from Dell party service provider. and will vary by Customer location. Optional services may require a separate F Third party warranties. These Services agreement with Dell. In the absence of may require Dell to access hardware or such agreement, optional services are software that is not manufactured by Dell. provided pursuant to this Agreement. Some manufacturers warranties may become void if Dell or anyone else other D Assignment. Dell may assign this Service than the manufacturer works on the and/or Service Description to qualified hardware or software. It is Customers third party service providers. responsibility to ensure that Dells E Cancellation. Dell may cancel this Service performance of Services will not affect at any time during the Service term for any such warranties or, if it does, that the effect of the following reasons: will be acceptable to Customer. DELL DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR • Customer fails to pay the total price THIRD PARTY WARRANTIES OR FOR ANY for this Service in accordance with EFFECT THAT THE DELL SERVICES MAY the invoice terms; HAVE ON THOSE WARRANTIES. • Customer refuses to cooperate with4 Important additional information the assisting analyst or on-site technician; or A RESCHEDULING. ONCE THIS SERVICE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED, ANY CHANGES • Customer fails to abide by all of the TO THE SCHEDULE MUST OCCUR AT terms and conditions set forth in this LEAST 8 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR TO THE Service Description. SCHEDULE DATE. IF CUSTOMER If Dell cancels this Service, Dell will send RESCHEDULES THIS SERVICE WITHIN 7 Customer written notice of cancellation at DAYS OR LESS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULE the address indicated on Customers invoice. DATE, THERE WILL BE A RESCHEDULING The notice will include the reason for FEE NOT TO EXCEED 25% OF THE cancellation and the effective date of CUSTOMER PRICE FOR THE SERVICES. cancellation, which will be not less than ten CUSTOMER AGREES THAT ANY (10) days from the date Dell sends notice of RESCHEDULING OF THE SERVICE WILL BE cancellation to Customer, unless state law CONFIRMED AT LEAST 8 DAYS PRIOR TO requires other cancellation provisions that COMMENCEMENT OF THE SERVICE. may not by varied by agreement. IF DELL B Commercially reasonable limits to scope CANCELS THIS SERVICE PURSUANT TO of service. Dell may refuse to provide THIS PARAGRAPH, CUSTOMER SHALL NOT Services if, in its opinion, providing the BE ENTITLED TO ANY REFUND OF FEES Services creates an unreasonable risk to PAID OR DUE TO DELL.5 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  6. 6. F Geographic limitations & relocation. This before the expiration of the then-current Service will be delivered to the site(s) service term, provided Customer is the indicated on the Customers invoice. This original purchaser of the Supported Service is not available at all locations. Product and this Service, or Customer Service options, including service levels, purchased the Supported Product and this technical support hours and onsite Service from its original owner (or a response times will vary by geography and previous transferee) and complied with all certain options may not be available for the transfer procedures available purchase in Customers location. Dells at A transfer fee obligation to supply the Services to may apply. Please note that if Customer or relocated Supported Products is subject to Customers transferee moves the local service availability and may be subject Supported Product to a geographic to additional fees, and to inspection and location in which this Service is not recertification of the relocated Supported available (or is not available at the same Products at Dells then current time and price) as Customer paid for this Service, materials consulting rates. Customer will Customer may not have coverage or may provide Dell with sufficient and safe access incur an additional charge to maintain the to Customers facilities at no cost to Dell same categories of support coverage at for Dell to fulfill Dells obligations. the new location. If Customer chooses not to pay such additional charges, Customers G Transfer of service. Subject to the Service may be automatically changed to limitations set forth in this Service categories of support which are available at Description, Customer may transfer this such price or a lesser price in such new Service to a third party who purchases location with no refund available. Customers entire Supported ProductFor more information about any of our service offerings, please contact your Dell representative orvisit varies by country. To learn more, customers and Dell Channel Partners should contact your sales representative formore information.© 2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entitiesclaiming the marks and names or their products. Specifications are correct at date of publication but are subject to availability orchange without notice at any time. Dell and its affiliates cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in typography orphotography. Dells terms and conditions of sale apply and are available at and on request.6 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  7. 7. Appendix AService SKUs US SKU SKU Description Partner950-7727 Installation, PowerVault, Low, SAN Environment EDT983-4997 Installation, PowerVault, SAN Environment EDT984-3237 Installation, PowerVault ML60XX EDT986-3339 Installation, PowerVault TL2000 EDT986-3348 Installation, PowerVault TL2000 EDT986-3349 Installation, PowerVault TL4000 EDT985-9579 Installation, PowerVault TL4000 EDT LA SKU SKU Description Partner915-2657 Installation, PowerVault ML60XX EDT BZ SKU SKU Description Partner915-4019 Installation, PowerVault ML60XX EDT7 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010
  8. 8. Appendix BExceptions to Dell business hours Country Dell business hours St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Rest of English speaking Caribbean 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Barbados, Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Gran Cayman, Guatemala, Honduras, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Rep. Dominicana, Suriname, Turks and Caicos Australia, Bermuda, China, Haiti, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherland Antilles, New 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand Argentina, India, Paraguay, Uruguay 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Bolivia, Chile 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM8 Installation and Configuration of a Dell PowerVault Tape Library or Autoloader | v3.7| November 05, 2010