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All about me♫ finished


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Published in: Education
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All about me♫ finished

  1. 1. ☺All About Me♫ By Itza Saldaña ♫
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Itza Melina Saldaña I am 12 years old I was born in November 4th, 1998 I was born in the beauty of Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My Favorite Foods☺ I ♥ pizza mostly the pepperoni pizza I also ♥ nachos with lots of cheese I also ♥ tortas full of aguacate I also ♥ tacos made from bistek
  4. 4. My Favorite Songs♫ Comeback Song – Darius Rucker If I die young – Band Perry Firework – Katy Perry Mine – Taylor Swift Your Love – Nicki Minaj Take it Off – Ke$ha
  5. 5. My Pets♥ Pongo Dolly Gringo Beba Chato Coco
  6. 6. My Best Friends♥ Izar♫ Angelica☺ Suzette♥ Samantha♪
  7. 7. My Favorite Actors♫ Johnny Depp Will Smith Jaden Smith Nicholas Cage♥ Brad Pitt
  8. 8. My Favorite Singers ♫♪ Shakira Ke$ha Lady Gaga Young Money Nicki Minaj Katy Perry Taylor Swift
  9. 9. My Favorite Actresses Kristen Stewart Carmen Electra Tina Fey Amy Polar Angelina Jolie
  10. 10. My Favorite Movies☺ The Twilight saga Harry Potter saga Megamind Paranormal Activity
  11. 11. My Hobbies♥ Singing Dancing Swimming Playing my Saxophone
  12. 12. My Favorite Places 2 eat ☺ El Indio Coyote Canyon Lin’s New Wave Mr. Gatti’s Peter Piper Pizza
  13. 13. Favorite Places I’ve visit Miami Tampa Orlando Veracruz Catemaco El Tajin Cancun Michoacán Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta Monterrey Tampico Louisiana Tula
  14. 14. My Favorite Sports ☼ Volleyball Basketball Soccer Swimming Racquetball Tennis Walking
  15. 15. My Favorite things to do when not @ school☻ Practice with my Saxophone Dance Sing Play Volleyball Play video games
  16. 16. My Favorite Colors ♥ Green Black Blue White Pink
  17. 17. Things I like about school Social Studies English Reading Math Technology Band
  18. 18. Things I don’t like about school ♥ Science Pre- Athletics Choir Lunch
  19. 19. Things I do For FUN!!! Dance Go 2 the Movies Party with friends☺ Play in the computer ☺
  20. 20. My Favorite Quotes ☼ Hey, was up!! Ayi te watchas Ke onda wey! Nah!! Are you cereal? Shu Shute!!
  21. 21. My Favorite Books ☼♫♪ A Summer in the South Diary of a wimpy kid books Edgar & Ellen Roald Dahl books
  22. 22. Bonvoiage The End!☺