Paragliding i̇sak uzun


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Paragliding As A Touristic Attractiveness.
Paragliding in Turkey and Around the World

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Paragliding i̇sak uzun

  1. 1. PARAGLIDING Paragliding As A Touristic Attractiveness.Paragliding in Turkey and Around the World
  2. 2. CONTENT• What is Paragliding• History Of Paragliding Sport• Adventages of paragliding• Tourism Demand & Paragliding• Tourism Supplies & Paragliding• Needed Equipments• Paragliding and related activities• Who Can Attend To This Sport ?• Paragliding In Turkey• Paragliding Festivals In Turkey• Most Demanded Cities In Turkey For Paragliding• Most Demanded Countries In The World For Paragliding
  3. 3. PARAGLIDINGParagliding is one of the most demanded aviation sport because;The matarials that being used for paragliding are movable,can be storedat home. This sport doesnt require a special takeoff or landing track. İtssimple to learn thans to its easy control. One of the best aviation sportever because you are not in the cocpit and you feel all that rush andadrenalin and its the cheapest aviation branch.
  4. 4. Paragliding is the recreational and competitive Adventure sport offlying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched gilider aircraftwith no rigid primary structure. The pilot sits in a harness suspendedbelow a hollow fabric wing whose shape is formed by its suspensionlines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing and theaerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside.
  5. 5. A paraglider can fly hours and kilometers long with following the aircurrents by the appropriate weather, hours of flights.These moves can be done by the personel skills and abilities thats whypragliders are use the « Pilot» title.The world Record made by a Turkish Pilot which is 232 KM
  6. 6. HISTORY OF PARAGLIDING SPORT• In 1948, simple sail wings appeared (invented). People started to discover that these wing can be use to pull themselves and keep them on the air for a while. In 1948 Dr. Francis Rogalla invented the portable delta wings and by the time these portaple delta wings are progressed by security and performance.
  7. 7. PARAGLIDING’S HISTORY• The parachutes used first to jump from the planes and by the time a new sport catagory created which is callad ‘parapente’ in French, ‘paragliding’ in English, ‘yamaç paraşütü’ in Turkish which means Cliff Parachuting.• In 1970’s first Paragliding attempts started and in 1980’s Paragliding become a famous sport.
  8. 8. ADVENTAGES OF PARAGLIDING• Can easily take off,• Can easily routed to anywhere,• Can easily land,• The wings can open and bend in a couple of minutes,• With an appropriate training, Basic Flying control abilities can be learned in a couple of days.• Cheaper than the other Aviation sports.• Can be done every little hillside,slope or windy area.
  9. 9. TOURISM DEMAND & PARAGLIDINGTourist demand is defined as the total number of persons who travel, orwish to travel, to use tourist facilities and services at places away fromtheir places of work or residence.
  10. 10. TOURISM SUPPLIES & PARAGLIDINGTourism supply is a complex phenomenon because of both thenature of the product and the process of delivery.Principally, it cannot be stored – it is a perishable productTransport and information technology are key elementsPolicy, planning and development issues
  11. 11. TOURISM SUPPLIES & PARAGLIDINGAttractivenesses;Natural beauties, Attractive mountains, Hillsides and opportunities forback ups .Infrastructures;Take off runways, Landing Points, accessable raods,Upper structure;Accomidation, Transportation, Transport vehicles and transportequipments.
  12. 12. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS1. Parachute
  13. 13. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS2. Pilot Harness
  14. 14. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS3. Wind Meter
  15. 15. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS4. Helmet
  16. 16. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS5. Suit
  17. 17. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS6. Boot
  18. 18. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS7. Windscok
  19. 19. NEEDED EQUIPMENTS8. Variometer
  21. 21. 1. Hang gliding
  22. 22. 2. Paramotor
  23. 23. 3.Speed riding or Speed Flying:
  24. 24. 4. Windsurf or Power kite
  25. 25. WHO CAN ATTEND TO THIS SPORT ?• Every healty person over 15 years old can attend to this sport after they had their theorical and practical trainings.
  27. 27. PARAGLIDING IN TURKEY• The participants who attend to paragliding are between 20 – 55 years old Tourists, locals and professional pilots in Turkey. Most of them are a member of special flight clubs or members of universities’s flight clubs.
  28. 28. PARAGLIDING IN TURKEY• Foreign paragliders are coming to Turkey by tourism agencies, flight clubs, international festivals.• Non – professional attenders are mostly tourists and join to the Tandem paragliding.
  29. 29. PARAGLIDING FESTIVALS IN TURKEY• In many cities of Turkey there are many National and International Paragliding festivals are being organised.Some of these festivals are below; Aydıncık yelken ve yamaç paraşütü festivali Uluslararası Ölüdeniz hava oyunları festivali Adapazarı uluslar arası yamaç paraşütü festivali Sakarya uluslararası yamaç paraşütü festivali Bolu abant havacılık festivali
  30. 30. MOST DEMANDED CITIES IN TURKEY FORPARAGLIDING• Ankara – gölbaşı ________ Racon• Denizli- Pamukkale_______ Rinamit• Denizli- çökelez _________ Çökelez• İzmir - boz dağ ___________Boz dağ• Kayseri _______________Ali dağ• Erzincan ________________Munzur• Isparta _________________Eğridir• İstanbul ________________Ormanlı• Akşehir _________________Akşehir• Antalya kaş______________Asaz• Bolu ___________________Abant• Sivas ___________________Yıldız eli• Manisa__________________Spil• Tokat ___________________Şenyurt• Muğla- ölüdeniz___________Babadağ
  31. 31. MOST DEMANDED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLDFOR PARAGLIDING• Turkey• Costarica• Canada• New zeland• İndia• Australia• Bulgaria• Cyprus• Holland• Greece• Mexico• Moscow• Poland• Switzerland
  32. 32. İsak UZUN 2012 lsth Semester AWF Erasmus