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Dark church (karanlik kilise)


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Dark church (karanlik kilise)

  1. 1. Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise)The Dark Church, so named for the little light that penetrates the interior, was used as a pigeonhouse until the 1950s. It took 14 years to scrape pigeon poo off the walls, but underneath werebeautifully preserved 11th-century frescoes. Recently restored, the paintings of New Testamentscenes and other subjects are considered the best-preserved frescoes in Cappadocia.Jesus Christ Fresco ,IC and XC Letters next to Jesus are the names of Jesus Christ. The Jesus depiction fresco at the top of the main dome is an unique example that represents 11th century byzantium art. Jesus Christ Fresco IC and XC Letters are names of Jesus Christ. Its possible to see some stories from the book of Jews “Torah” at the Dark Church. Crucifixion Fresco at Dark church