Media studies case studies


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Media studies case studies

  1. 1. NME Magazine KERRANG Magazine
  2. 2. FACTS Type/focus of magazine – RockThe NME magazine is around Publishing Company – IPC Media£2.20, it come out weekly. Its Editor’s name – Mike Williamstarget audience is from about Date of First publication – 7th March 1952 15years plus. Music genre is Price - £2.40 rock. How/Where can readers get it? – iPad, Laptop, Computer, Delivered to you (subscription), Retail shop.
  3. 3. Image overlaps title of Image relates to one of the topics of the magazine magazine “I DON’T GIVE A SH*T ABOUT A ROYAL WEDDING” (the bouquet of flowers) Date/Price Freebie Uses quotes to attract The red text attracts attention attention Colour scheme, red/green/blackThe blackcontrasts against Text surrounds the face ofthe white the person on the frontbackground Variety of font sizes Large text ‘captivating’ Barcode situated at the bottom Other features to attract you too the magazine
  4. 4. Messy letters make it look floating quote is enlarged and scruffy and uneven makes it instantly draws readers into less formal the article Black eyes and shabby hair The picture placed on one create the rock/punk look page automatically being the Quote takes up half page focus Black and white contrast each other Small paragraph, n utshelling the writing below itDrop capital letter Her name is highlighted in Text wraps around the image, bubble writing avoiding the image Text is extra small in comparison to the large Quote overlaps her arm but image and floating quote not face
  5. 5. Title more towards the rightColours contrast Date beneath title(numbers and text) Uses block titles to separate the different types of articles Make the Page numbers easily magazine look visible in red sophisticated Main contents in one list Bold contrasting titles Weird subtitle Picture being the main attraction Introductionary paragraph Drop capital Advertisement
  6. 6. FACTS Type/focus of magazine – RockThe KERRANG Magazine is out Publishing Company – Bauer Media Groupweekly, it is around £2.20 and Editor’s name – James McMahon its music genre is rock, its Date of First publication – 6th June 1981 target audience from around Price - £2.20 16years plus. How/Where can readers get it? – iPad, Laptop, Computer, Delivered to you (subscription), Retail shop.
  7. 7. Picture overlapping Eye contact with heading buyer Words overlapping image but not face7x Sub headingsPicture acting as abackground Colour theme, pink, yellow, black Sneak preview of and white freebie All text in capitals Barcode at the bottom Pictures overlapping each other, collage effect Pink stands out from other dull colours
  8. 8. Issue number and date Magazine title Main picture, covering half the page Yellow contrasts hugelySub headings, are bolded against blackwith the contrastingcolours Bold topic heading then small brief sentence Images to break up the listSmall paragraph tointroduce this magazine Page numbers highlightedissue in redInfo about who madecertain stuff Advertisement
  9. 9. Quote is Image is highlighted, in red medium4 colour scheme, and in italics Image takes up 3 quarters of a page Image is landscape close upblue, red black Logoand white Looking in 2 different directionsBlack paragraphbackgroundmeans it isclearly readable Image is thebehind the main attractionwhite writing on the page Red lines divide the different writing Besides the colour scheme, because The picture is very high contrast types. The article, then an advert, of the high contrast picture, we meaning the person at the front has then small print. a very vibrant attracting jacket mainly see yellow blue and red