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  1. 1. Astrology is an Ancient and Modern Day Idolatry Popularity of Astrology The current world-wide interest in astrology has reached almost epidemic propportions. In fact, one noted authority on the subject referred to astrology as ‘ the most widely spread superstition of our time. ( Dr. "Astrology" Kurt Koch, Between Christ and Satan p. 12) Astrology fules a multi-million dollar industry which caters to multitudes with products ranging from customs jewelry to Zodiac trinkers. Astrology has bent into a $ 200,000,000 a year business. i s an Personalized horoscope can be purchsed through vending machines, 24 hours a day , dial- a-horoscope, and even astro flash computers Ancient and Modern found in many departments stores and on over 2, 000 colleges campuses in US and Philippines. In United States alone, there are over Day Idolatry 175, 000 part time astrologers and 10,000 full time astrologers. Some 77 % of American adults know their astrological sign and, according to Compiled by: Isa Abdullah Biago a 1976 Gallup poll, 32 million Americans take astrology quite seriously. Over 2,000 newspapers cater to this interest by carrying daily horoscope. Astrology’s rapid rise in popularity can be seen
  2. 2. in the fact that less than twenty years ago, only 1000 daily newspaper What is Astrology ? carried Horoscope Colums. (John Goodwin, Occult America p. 2). Astrology is a “study of life’s reaction to planetary vibration.” In Astrological magazines sell about 2,000,000 copies monthly in another meaning , astrology is the study of the positions and the U.S. Dell’s Horoscope has the largest circulation of about 500,000 a movements of astronomical bodies—particularly the Sun, Moon, month. Astrological literature is carried in bookstores and supermarket planets, and checkout stands, airplane and bus departure areas, ranges from Zodiac stars—in the cookbooks, Zodiac astrograph books, and even Zodiac coloring books belief that for children. Astrological books written on such diverse subjects as they health, birth control, horse racing, teens, finding a mate, diet, your correspond to occupation, , business, sex, music, your cat’s and dog’s horoscope , and events on even religion. Earth. It’s widespread appeal is not restricted to Astrologers America. For example, believe that 66% of the adult the position population of Great of Britain read their astronomical hosroscope, 53% of bodies at the exact moment of a person’s birth and the subsequent France’s adult population, movements of the bodies reflect that person’s character and, and 63% of Germany’s. therefore, his or her destiny. Scientists have long rejected the Even in the Middle East, principles of astrology, but millions of people continue to believe in with a strict adherence to or practice it. The Merriam –Webster's Collegiate Dictionary the Islamic Faith of defined it as: " the divination of the supposed influences of the stars Monotheism are not and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their exempted from the positions and aspects. " It is also an popularity of Horoscope. art and pseudo-science which In fact, in many countries, teaches that the fixed positions of it is deeply entrenched as the stars, moon, and planets exert a an intimate part of daily mysterious and decisive influence life. upon people, places, events and
  3. 3. with supernatural forces. Many people use astrology as a method of fortune-telling According to astrology, every individual allocated one of these Astrologers assign every planet (which in astrology includes the signs depending on their date of birth. Sun and Moon) with a particular sign, depending on where that planet appears on the ecliptic at the time for which the horoscope is Aquarius Water Bearer January 20 - February 18 cast. Each planet Pisces Fishes February 19 - March 20 represents basic human Aries Ram Ram March 21 - April 19 drives, and each sign Taurus Bull April 20 - May 20 represents a set of Gemini Twins May 21 - June 20 human characteristics. Cancer Crab June 21 - July 22 When astrologers Leo Lion July 23 - August 22 designate a person as a certain sign—a Leo or Virgo Virgin August 23 - September 22 a Pisces, for Libra Scales September 23 - October 22 example—they are Scorpio Scorpion October 23 - November 21 referring to the person’s Sun sign, meaning the sign that the Sun Sagittarius Archer November 22 - December 21 occupied at the time of the person’s birth. According to the modus operandi of astrology, the earth is positioned at the center of an Capricorn Goat December 22 - January 19 imaginary belt in the heavens which circles the earth and emcompasses the apparent paths of all the principal planets, and things. It has also been defined as “ the art of divining fate or the future has as its central line the apparent path of our sun. This imaginary from the juxtaposition of the sun, moon, and planets”. (John W. belt is called the “zodiac” or “circle or ring.” This belt is divided Mongomery, Principalities and Power p. 108). This predictive aspect into 12 sections of 30 degrees each called houses. These concerning the future is an integral part of Astrology while correspond to 12 constellations or “signs” of the Zodiac. The 12 Astronomy as a branch of science deals purely or a study of objects signs of the zodiac correspond to 12 time period within a year as and matter outside the earth's atmosphere and of their physical and follows. chemical properties. Astrology is another type or analogous to Fortune-Telling. It is a practice of predicting the future through psychic means, such as the interpretation of signs or communication
  4. 4. Where did it Originate ? independently. The Chaldeans, who lived in Babylonia (now Iraq), developed one of the original forms of astrology as early as 3000 BC. Astrology comes into view to have originated from the ancient The primitive Chaldean (Babylonians) sketch out of astrology is called Babylon. In fact, many scholars believe that this ancient form of “mundane astrology” and was practiced exclusively for the benefits of Kings terrestrial worship was intimately connected with the tower of Babel and predictions concerning nations. However, through the conquest and which God destroyed ( see take-over of Alexander the the Bible in Genesis 11:1-9) Great, astrology was exported to The people of Babylon Greece where it was systimatically constructed astrological refined into an art and science so observations called that it could universally be applied “Ziggurats” to investigate to the masses. This form of the heavens. Priest (Magi or astrology is called “birth or wise men of the east) acted natal” astrology.” Ptolemy (130 AD) was the chief designer behind this as mediators between kings change. In the Tetrabiblios , he finalized the diagramming of and the gods. These towers served as platforms for astrological horoscope using the positions of the sun, moon, and five major planets calculating the arrangements and movements of the sun, moon, and that are known to exist. The Tetrabiblios has been the classic manual planets in order to determine the will of the gods for the fate of kings for astrologers in the western and nations. The horoscope also is divided into twelve houses, which world ever since. Many scholars make up the 24-hour period viewed astrology and during which the Earth rotates astronomy as complementary once on its axis. Each house sciences until about the 1500s. deals with certain areas of a At that time, the discoveries person’s life, such as marriage, made by such astronomers as health, work, travel, and Nicolaus Copernicus and death. Astrologers make Galileo undermined some of the predictions by interpreting the foundations of astrology. Since position of astronomical then, astrology has not been bodies within the signs and houses of the horoscope. Astrology is an considered a science. However, ancient practice that different civilizations seemed to develop it should be pointed out that there are different schools of astrology which are diametrically opposed to each other. For example,
  5. 5. Oriental (Chinese) astrology disagrees greatly from its western The Soothsayers and Their Likes are Sorcerers counterpart. Widespread confusion and self contradiction exists among astrologers Muslims reported that the Prophet said: Whoever goes to a fortune teller and world-wide because of the contradictory system The Chinese were practicing believes what the latter tells him will have his prayers rejected for the following days.” astrology by 2000 BC. Other varieties formed in ancient India and Abu Dawud reported also that the Propeht said: “ Whoever goes to a soothsayers among the Maya of Central America. These people may have and believes what the latters tells him has committed blashphemy, and has denied what observed that certain astronomical bodies, particularly the Sun, was revealed to Muhammad.” In addition to this Al- Baghawi said: “ The affected the change of seasons and the success of crops. Based on soothsayers ( al-arraf) is a person who claims to know facts such as stolen items, the place such observations, they may have developed a broader system by where a stary animal has gone, and like matters by means of omens. “ Abu al-Abbas which the movements of other bodies such as the planets affected or Ibn Taymiyyah said: “ Al-Arraf is a represented additional aspects of life.. Even in the West, some name for the mediator, astrologers, fortune astrologers believe in 8 signs of the Zodiac rather than 12, while the teller or other who claims knowledge in other contend for 14 or even 24 signs. Other debate whether they these ways.” Ibn Abbas said of the people should use the tropical or sidereal zodiac, whether Saturn exerts an who practice astrology and gaze at the evil influence or influence for justice, whether stars influence is physical stars : “ Whoever does what they do will or astrasl in nature, and many more conflicting opinion. have no share of divine blessing.” Why Horoscope and Other related practices is Haram ? The Purpose of the Stars Abu Dawud reported in his Sahih Hadith that Ibn Abbas (RAA) In al-Bukhari reported that related that the Prophet (SAW) said: ‘ Qatadah said: “ Allah created the stars Whoever draws any knowledge from the stars has for three purposes: as ornaments for committed sorcery;… Shall I tell you what is al- heaven, missiles against devils, and as adh ( lying by prediction is sorcery) ? It is signs for guidance of travelers. Whoever conveying false rumours with the purpose of speculates beyond this err and dissipates spreading evil and ill will.” In The Qur’an, his credit as a scholar , for he would be Allah (SWT) said: “ They knew too well that transgressing the limits of his own the buyers of sorcery will have no share in the knowledge.” Abu Musa reported that Paradise of the hereafter … They believe in al the Prophet said: “ Those that will not jibt ( sorcery) and al Taghut ( idol worship) [ enter Paradise are three, the habitual 2:102; 4:51]. alcohol drinker, the denier of blood relation and the believer in sorcery.”
  6. 6. Asherath (The Phoenician The Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad(SAW) strongly condems this worship of Venus[ 2 Kings ancient occult deception. The Qur’an and the Prophet(SAW) warns 23:4]) people agaisnt relying on astrologers and astrology ( Sorcerrers or sorcery). Even the Bible prohibited such practices ( Isaiah 47:13,14; Duet. 4:19; 17:3). Ancient Astral Gods Astronomical planets worship was rebeliously practiced in Israel throughout its history. It was intimately associated with calf worship (the god Taurus [2 Kings 17:16] ) Moloch ( a sun god- Leviticus Baal worship 18:21) (Phoenician sun-god [2 Kings 23:10],
  7. 7. Tammuz (Worship of 7 planets and 12 signs of Zodiac. Rephan ( or Saturn [Acts 7:23], New international Version, --Ezekiel 8 13 - 16 ..Again, he said, "You will see them doing things that are even more detestable." 14 Then he brought me to the entrance to the north gate of the house of the LORD , and I saw women sitting there, mourning for Tammuz. 15 He said to me, "Do you see this, son of man? You will see things that are even more detestable than this." 16 He then brought me into the inner court of the house of the LORD , and there at the entrance to the temple, between the portico and the altar, were about twenty-five men. With their backs toward the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east, they were bowing down to the sun in the east. The Queen of Heavens Science Versus Astrology Though advocates of (The Moon [Jeremiah 7:18; astrology strongly contend that 44:19]), and it is an exact science, in reality does not support their calculations. Astrology is a radical perversion and departure from the scientific study of the celestial realm known as astronomy. In fact, not only the
  8. 8. Qur’an and Prophets denounced astrology, but numerous scientific merit or credence. Their conclusion was that “none of the influnces societies have denounced astrology as sceintifically worstless. For alledged by astrologers was verified.” ( Michael Gauquelin, Cosmic examples: Clocks p. 85) 5. Paul Conderc, An 1. In 1949, The Astronomical Society declared : “ Whatever hides “There is no biological Astronomer at the Paris behind the title of astrology… is nothing more than a mixture of correlation between Observatory, concluded “ superstition, duplicity, and business.” astrology and the The assets of scientifc astrology 2. In 1975, 18 Nobel prize winners and 186 other prominent discoveries of astro- are equal to zero, as is the case American scientist spoke out agiants astrology, denouncing the with commercial astrology” ( Paul Conderc, I, Astrologie, Au Sais-je ? p. 89) pretentions claims of astrological charlatans. And saying that “ there is no scientific basis of facts whatsoever for the assumption that the Does Astro-Physics Prove the Validity of Astrology ? stars foretell events and influence lives.” Astrologers claim that astrological discoveries of science concerning 3. Bart J. Bok, former President of the American Astromomical the gravititional influence of the sun, moon, and the stars prove the Society said: ‘ It is deplorable that so many newspaper now print this legitimacy of astrology. They appeal to the documented information that daily nonsense … At the start, the regular reading is a sort of fun game, albumin increases in human blood during sunspots, osyter open and close but it often ends up according to the tidal force of the moon, and there is clear gravititional as a mighty serious and tidal force of the moon upon insects, animals, and even men. business. The steady (Robert Moorey, Horoscope and The Christians p. 28) For example, and ready researchers at the University of Miami concluded that “ Outbreaks of murder availability of may be triggered by the moon tugging on astronomical biological tides inside the body.” ( L.A. predictions can over Times, May 5, 1972 Part 1 p. 12) many years have However, these scietifically insidious influence on observable phenomena do not a person’s personal prove astrology’s claim. There is judgment.” no biological correlation between astrology and the discoveries of 4. The American Association of Scientific Societies investigated astro-physics. The established numerous statistical studies by astrology to prove astrology‘s evidence concerning the influences from the sun and the moon reveals alledged accuracy and conluded that they lack any scientific only wide-ranging influences, while astrology requires a special or
  9. 9. particular influence from these heavenly bodies which fatalistically affects sun had absolutely no musical significance. The an individual entire fate. musicians are born throughout the entire year on a changeces basis. No Signs of the Zodiac Astrology’s Statistical Accuracy or fraction of a sign favors or does not favor Astrologers claim that statistical studies clearly show that an them.” ( Paul Couderc, I, Astrologie, individual’s horoscope find out that person’s destiny, personality, Wue sais-je ? pp. 86-89). Another study personality, and probable profession or career. For example, they involving over 2,000 painters and contend that a person born under the sign of Libra will be artistically musicians found that a correspondence of prone because Venus, the planet their birth dates with Libra does not of art and beauty, rules Libra. exists. In fact, chances made the They likewise challenge that correlation come out negative; that is because Mars is connected with Libra had fewer that its quota of hostility and death, it is well- artists.” (Michael Gauguelin, known in the horoscope of a Cosmic Clocks p. 81) Another majority of criminals and military researchers examined the men. Hosroscope of murderers to see However, extensive if Mars was predominant and statistical investigations have found Mars was not particularly been conducted which overwhelmingly disprove astrology’s claim and prominent, he concluded that: “ calculations. In fact, The American Association of Scientific Societies none of the figures differs significantly investigated the studies put out by from the theoritical numbers expected astrologers and found that “none of in chance. It is rather dissapointing for the astrological theory.” ( Ibid. p. 85) the influnces alledged by astrologers was Another study of the prominnece of Mars among military men also verified.” (Michael Gauguelin, found no evidence of the Mars effect. Cosmic Clocks p. 85) For example, after investigating one Astrology of Astrological Predictions astrologers’s survey concerning Astrologers often bragging of their truthfulness rate in the horoscope of 2, 817 predicting the future. Popular astrologers such as Jeanne Dixon, musicians, collected data Linda Goodman, and Nostradamus are often praised for their concluded that: “The position of the hypothetical success rate. However, in reality the actual disappointment
  10. 10. rate of astrological to arrive in time for publications. Not one of the 10,000 readership prediction in comparison complained of any irrelevance so the editor concluded he could spare to the success rate is himself the cost of wretched and is equivalent new horoscope and to comparing ant hill to repeat the old ones.” Mount Everest. ( Merrill G. Unger, Most astrology books Demons in the only list the success stories, World Today, p. 61) often in an accurate and impreci Nostradamus a French physician The se Nostradamus, (1503-1566), astrologer's argument French physician and astrologer manner who wrote Centuries, a famous that fulfilled predictions provide evidence to astrology, it also logically , and collection of prophecies published means that unfulfilled predictions disprove astrology. Therefore, the in 1555. Microsoft ® Encarta ® never glaring fact that libraries filled with failed astrological predictions offers a acknowledge their failures. Often, powerful proof against the truthfulness of astrology. astrological predictions are so absurdly indistinguishable or comprehensive that Problems with Astrology almost any plausible situation could be On the following pages, we will pointed to as a fulfillment. For example, with briefly observe some of the more grave a general prediction such as “many will weakness facing astrology. die next year”, countless conceivable situations could be forced into the context of such prediction. A 1. Missing Planets classic example of ambiguity and generalization which millions The majority of modern religiously read is the daily horoscope columns of newspapers. astrologers base their calculations and The fact that daily newspaper forecast are so hopelessly vague charts upon Ptolemy’s assumption that that any predictions under any sign would appear to be a fulfillment there are only five planets. When he was dramatically proven by one newspaper editor who stumbled upon systematized astrology in the second a short cut to save money. The absurdity (insignificance) of horoscopes century AD, there were only seven was demonstrated indirectly by the editors of a large daily newspaper heavenly bodies visible to the naked who was forced to publish an outdated version when the material failed eye: the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.
  11. 11. His calculations concerning the influence of these bodies form the Models of the Universe basis for the modern day horoscope charts and calculation in the western world. However, since then, Uranus (1718), Neptune (1816), According to the widely accepted theory of the big bang, the and Pluto (1930) have been discovered. Furthermore, Copernicus universe discovery that the sun and planets do not revolve around the earth also undermined originated about Ptolemy ‘s system. Since astrology stresses that the movement and 14 billion years positions of these celestial bodies influnce human behavior, these new ago and has astronomical discoveries undermines the complete fundamentals of been expanding modern day astrology derivative from Ptolemy. ever since. Astronomers 2. An Expanding Universe recognize four Ptolemy’s Zodiac was also based models of possible futures for the universe. According to the closed upon the erroneous assumption that model, many billions of years from now expansion will slow, stop, the constelation were rigidly fixed in and the universe will contract back in upon itself. In the flat model, the heavens. However, science has the universe will not collapse upon itself, but expansion will slow proven that the constellation are and the universe will approach a stable size. According to the constatnly shifting and moving away open model, the universe will continue expanding forever. In the from us at tremendous speeds thus accelerating expansion model, the universe will expand faster reducing their supposed influnce and faster until even the particles in normal matter are torn away according to astrology. Over the last from each other. Astronomers currently favor the accelerating 2,000 years, the constellations have shifted about 30% which expansion model means that the constellation of Virgo in Ptolemy’s day is now in the Sign of Libra. 3. Tropical Zodiac Ptolemy also assumed that the earth was flat and that everyone These facts completely disintegrate present calculations based could see the same stars as he did. He developed the tropical Zodiac upon Ptolemy’s configuration and renders horoscope which is geographically limited in that it does not work above 60 calculations hopelessly meaningless and erroneous. degrees latitude because no one can see what point of the Zodiac is ascending. This means that astrology is useless because horoscope cannot be drawn from those living in the higher latitude such as Alaska or Holand.
  12. 12. the signs of the Zodiac.” (Michael Gauquelin, The Scientific Basis of Astrology 5. Astral Twins Since an individual’s moment of birth is so crucial to astrology, identical and fraternal twins should share a analogous Astral destiny. However, documented Twin research on the case history of twins proves this is not so. (W. Keith Erickson, The Inacurracy of Astrological Research The 4. The Precession of Equinoxes Humanist pp. 43, 44) Ptolemy also thought that the earth ‘s axis of rotation was fixed and always pointed 6. Actual, Personal Experience to the star Polaris. This directional If astrology really worked, history would have verified it to be cause of heading is an vital many incredible achievement stories world-wide to those devoted to its references point for predictions. For example, Adolf Hitler, who was a zealous follower of astrologers to begin astrology, would have won the war according to his astrologers, calculation. Ferdinand E. Marcos, a former dictator President of the Philippines However, science has vehemently believe predictions and assurances from his astrologers but found that the was overthrow through a popular Edsa revolution. Furthermore, equinox is not fixed business men and investors would have accumulated vast fortunes by but constantly moving following astrological predictions. But, as one Wall Street Broker backward, in a commented, “If you want to lose your money, use astrology to pick the counterclockwise motion, stocks!.” thus gradually throwing modern day calculations off by moving the signs of the Zodiac backward. As one astrological authority noted : “ It is the discovery of the precession of the equinox that threatens astrology at its very foundation, namely
  13. 13. 7. Time of Reckoning forces, external environment forces, and an individual own free will. Astrology has never provided a logical Confusion or scientific reason why the time of one’s birth is supposedly when a As stated earlier, astrology has person’s destiny is fixed by the stars. consistently suffered from widespread Why doesn’t the time of conception confusion, disagreement, conflicting mark the point of the star’s influence? perspective and self contradiction and are Since all the hereditary factors are deeply divided over which system is more determined at conception, we musk accurate or realible. Since astrology is so ask why astrology pinpoints birth as the precise moment of influence. hopelessly divided and confused, the The only reason is because of Ptolemy’s system of reckoning. inevitable result to its followerrs is confusion and disagreement as well. 8. DNA and Genetics The Dangers of Astrology Astrology offers a purely mystical or Though astrology may be magical explanation of the reasons for a considered by many to be harmless pursuit, it can result in extremely person’s unique temperament, character detrimental consequences. and destiny. Astrology contends that an individual’s psychological and physical 1. Satanic Exposure characteristi Occultism is a belief in the efficacy of various practices— cs are including astrology, alchemy, divination, and magic—regarded as determined being based on hidden knowledge about the universe and its solely by the mysterious forces. Since astrology is a branch old occultism ,its stars. knowledge characteristically depends upon the notion of However, correspondences, or postulated relationships that unite all things— modern stars, planets, gemstones, colors, or even parts of the human body science has shown that these result and life events—to one another and to invisible realities as well. from an interplay of internal genetic Those who subscribe to this view believe that they can use occult
  14. 14. knowledge to effect healing or to predict the future, for example. govern any aspect of their life by its predictions run the grave Occultism may also include a belief in beings, such as angels, risk of financial, moral and social ruin. deities, or spirits, who can be contacted by those who possess the appropriate knowledge. There are occult practices within nearly all 3. Psychological traditional civilizations. Western occultism has its roots in ancient Because of its fatalistic Babylonian and Egyptian lore, especially as recorded and approach to life, it can have transmitted through Neo-Platonism and the Hermetic books. disastrous psychological Medieval occult practice included astrology, alchemy, and consequences, and as one ceremonial magic rites for evoking spiritual beings. Eminent noted psychiatrist commented: scholars such as 13th-century Italian theologian Saint Thomas “ We can see how dangerous it is by Aquinas and his contemporary, English philosopher Roger Bacon, the way in which serious psychic assumed the efficacy of alchemy and other occult arts. disturbances, a fear of life, despair and disarangment are produced by it In the late medieval and early modern period (13th century to 15th in intensive people. Astrology paralyzes initiative and the powers of century), however, occultism came to be increasingly regarded by judgment. “ ( Wm J. Peterson, Those Curious New Cults p. 28) the church as connected with the worship of Satan. We have carefully examined the subject of astrology and have In the 20th century, another rebirth of occultism can be seen in the offered an overwhelming proof that it is a system which is both counterculture movement of the 1960s, with its interest in astrology, Biblical ( for Christians), divination, and magic. The New Age movement of the 1980s and Qur’anic and the teaching of the 1990s may be considered another manifestation of occultism. Prophet and scientifically Though severely criticized by some orthodox religious groups and bankrupt. When weighed in the mainstream scientists, occultism has remained vital. Astrological balance of truth and reason, practioners are often unknowingly exposed to dangerous satanic astrology and its claim fall influences which can subtly lead to demonic oppression, possession, miserably short of the truth. deception and manipulation. In spite of its widespread appeal and current 2. Loss or Ruin popularity, it is not an innocent Since astrology is a confusing and self-contradictory pursuit or harmless pastime. It system with no scientific or spiritual basis in reality, those who is a practice riddled with
  15. 15. supertitions, confusion, and outright quakery. Furthermore, it is a deceptive and manipulative practice with potentially harmful results. It is, in fact a branch of the occult directly linked to the ancient religion of planetary worship which is strickly condemned by God in the Scripture of Islam and Christianity. It is should therefore be renounced by all those who have dabbled in it in any form. ------------------------- References and Excerpts from the following: • Christian Equippers, • Fundamental of Tawheed, Bilal Philip; • The Book of Tawheed, Sh. Saleh al-Fozan • Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2008. © 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. )