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The facebook fan page cheatsheet

  1. 1. Online Marketing Series Curated by Egle Karalyte 2nd of April, 2010 The Facebook Fan Page Cheatsheet Intro Facebook Pages allow your customers to become deeply connected with your business or brand. Customers can express their support by adding themselves as a fan, wirting on your Wall, uploading photos, and joining discussions with other fans. Group Page Both marketing tools of Facebook Group Page and Facebook Fan page has similar functions vs. Fan Page and they are used by Marketers to maximse the online presence. The similarities between the two platforms include:  Ability to invite members  Video/photo addition and exchanges  Logo addition  Discussion board  Message all members  Comment wall  Add posts  Main facebook membership rofile required before joining The differences are: Facebook Fan Page Facebook Group Page Bigger logo Small logo Traffic/Visitor Stats (“Page Insights”) Event posting (via notes, imports from blog, etc) Event Creation and Invitation (via built-in app) Mini Feed Import posts from blogs as notes Publicly Visible (search engines can index it) Private (does not appear in the search engines) Bulk updates to fans Can send out bulk invites Ability to add facebook applications Promotion with social ads Better for long-lasting relationships with clients and Better for things like updates, creating an interactive community quick discussions, etc.
  2. 2. Is it right I (or my delegates) have ideas and know how to create creative and compelling content. for me? We are using (or we are keen to start using) the interactive media such as audio, video, images for “packaging” our content. We want to engage into the two-way communication with our audience or to truly learn what they are about. We are keen to listen. We have ideas and resources to start the discussions on specific topics and to maintain them on the ongoing basis. We can communicate in a fun and casual way to suit the Facebook’s style. Before You Questions to think about... Indulge into Facebook  People - What target market would you most like to attract to your Facebook Fange Page?  Objective – What is the primary Objective of your Facebook Fan Page?  Strategy – What strategies do you plan to implement? How does it fit in with your overall marketing strategy  Interaction – How will you engage and interact with your fans?  Technology – What technologies will you use? (e.x. you tube videos; Flickr photos; SlideShare; blog, etc.)  Measure – How will you review and measure your results? Getting  Editing the page settings. Below the image of your fan page, click on the link “Edit Started... Page.”  Editing your thumbail. To adjust what part of your profile picture serves as the thumbnail, hover your mouse over your current profile picture (left hand corner of your Fan Page) and click the "Change Picture" link that appears. Next, select the "Edit Thumbnail" option.  Sending announcement to your fans.
  3. 3.  Click on “Edit Page.”  On the right hand side of the page locate the section “Promote your page.” Within this section there is a link “Send an Update to Fans.” Note: this link is visible only if you have fans.  Inserting a custom tab  Download the FBML application (link below). Metrics  Total Fans and Unsubscribed Fans  Interactions (total and per post): Total # of comments, wall posts, and likes.  Impressions per post and percentage of those impressions that result in action (likes, comments, clicks)  Page views – how many times has your Fan Page been visited.  Results in your calls to action such as:  Newsletter signups  Phone calls (use Facebook-only number)  Traffic generated from Facebook as percentage of overall website traffic to your website You can track these metrics via Facebook Insights or by integrating Google Analytics. Useful  - set up a custom username and URL for your Fan Page. Applications  Static FBML application - - allows to add custom tabs into your Fan Page and insert HTML code therein.  Generating Google Analytics code for your fan page.  Youtube Box – - to embed Youtube videos into your Fan page. Adds a custom tab called “Youtube.”
  4. 4.  Flickr Tab - - insert photos from your Flickr account. Creates a custom tab called “Flickr.”  - integrating Facebook with Twitter.  - setup Facebook on your mobile.  ( - sharing presentations and documents (MS Word, Ms Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, etc.) on Facebook. Maximum file size is 100 MB. For more applications, visit HTML  <b></b> Creates bold text. Shortcuts  <i></i> Creates italic text.  <img src=”IMAGE URL”> Adds an image. IMAGE URL needs to be replaced by the image URL.  <a href=”URL”>Text goes here.</a> Creates a hyperlink. URL needs to be replaced by the hyperlink.  <a href=”mailto:EMAIL”>Text goes here.</a> Creates a mailto link. EMAIL needs to be replaced by the email address.  <p>Text goes here.</p> Creates a new paragraph.  <p align=”left”>Text goes here.</p> Aligns a paragraph to the left (default). “Left” can be replaced by “right” or “center”.  <br> Inserts a line break. Resources  Mari Smith  Metrics for Facebook Fan Pages and Ads  How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page